We have a busy calendar of events; our students and their teachers plan, organise and execute regular cultural and other festivals, assemblies, seminars, workshops and talks through the year.

June kicks off with Orientation for Kindergarten and Std 11 and the OBA Buzz to view hidden talents. In July, the Annual Speech and Prize Day is followed by an exciting inter school hockey tournaments hosted by us – the Eric Vaz Memorial and the Centenary Shield, and then the annual science and tech fest - Transcendence.

In August, it's the run–up to the Annual Athletic Meet – Sports Day, but before that is feast of St Ignatius of Loyola – our founder. Sports Day is held in September as is the commerce fest Bifrost. October is the month for Phenomenon – our inter school cultural festival. In November, it's time for our MUN (Model United Nations) and Eukranium – our science fest and Harmony Week.

In December, it's the tiniest Josephites who take centrestage with the Pre Primary Annual Day and Christmas festivities. Come January it’s time for a change of guard – the Investiture Ceremony and the Valedictory Ceremony. The Primary Annual Day is held amidst great excitement and colour. By February, the year begins to wind down but there are outreach programmes. The arrival of the Board exams makes academics the focus once again and so in March and April it's exam time and not a moment is wasted until the next year rolls around again.


Felicitation Ceremony for Retired Staff

Mrs. Virginia Mariappa, Mrs. Hazel Barneto
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Celebrating 50 years of service!

A priest by ordination, a gentleman by nature and a great human being by
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Captaining a New Year

The St Joseph’s Boys’ High School cabinet is a reflection of the principles of democratic
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Inter-Religious Prayer & Thanksgiving Service

At the end of the second year of the pandemic
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Pre-Primary Students’ Post Pandemic Visit to School

On the 22 and 23 March, 2022, the staff of the pre-primary
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Graduating Batch’s Assembly

As the pandemic receded and schools re-opened, we at
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High Achievers

Prize Day 2022 celebrated hard work, applauded tenacity in the face of the
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Healthy and Happy Families

On 18th February 2022, St Joseph’s Boys’ High School hosted a webinar on ‘Healthy and Happy Families’. Rev. K. Vasudevan, a well-known speaker in the institution circles for his sessions on happiness, an author of two books, a researcher in Hebrew and a stand-up comedian was the speaker for the day.
‘Home is where the nation begins.’ After a brief introduction, Rev. Vasudevan went Read More

Christmas Fun Day

The jingling of bells and the fabulous decorations at every corner indicates the onset of Christmas.
Keeping this in mind the teachers of the Pre-primary Department, organized some exciting and fun filled activities for the little Josephites who are equally enthusiastic when it comes to doing something new.
The First day of the Funday had the little
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Our Fun days held every month provide a platform to our boys to participate and learn as they go along.
The topic ‘Solar System’ seemed to be quite enthralling to the Josephites as could be seen in the way they prepared for it.
An assembly was held based on the said topic where each child chosen in advance for the assembly was supposed to speak about each planet.
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Automated External Defibrillator

The Old Boys’ Association (OBA), working closely with
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73rd Republic Day Celebrations

We celebrated our 73rd Republic Day on 26 January 2022.
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The December Session of JESCOL for the school staff was held in the Loyola Auditorium of St. Joseph’s Pre- University College on the 17th and 18th of the month The seminar was a brief but effective initiation to the Jesuit way of life.
It introduced the staff to the fundamental concepts and insights about the life, and teachings of their founder Saint Ignatius
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Christmas Celebrations December 2021

It was that time of the year again – the festival of Christmas! At SJBHS, the onset of December heralds the joy, hope and peace. This time, the colours of Christmas outshone the dreary, gloomy shades of the hovering pandemic.
As a precursor to the celebrations, the students from Class V to the VIII were challenged to a #SJBHS xmas dance off while the students of
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National Mathematics Day

National Math Day held on December 22, commemorates the birth anniversary of the Indian mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan. I this 134th year of the mathematician’s birth, the Math Department of SJBHS recalls the myriad contributions of Ramanujan with a special spotlight on his number theory, infinite series and the fascinating formulae used to decipher
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Chilgala 2021

Chilgala, a week-long celebration of fun, at St Joseph’s Boys’ High School was a cascade of hidden talents and creativity. The unending list of participants for the online competitions prove that even a pandemic cannot dampen the spirit of our little Josephites.
The live events offered a wide variety of activities such as Lights-Camera-Action (performing arts) and Brainiac
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Visit to Vidhana Soudha

The teachers of the primary section were taken on a memorable tour around the Vidhana Soudha on November 24, 2021. It was a privilege to stand and experience the overwhelming feeling of being inside both the Legislative Assembly and the Upper Parliamentary house.
A brief was given about the proceedings and functionality of the house.
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Constitution Day

With these words, on 26th November 1949, the Indian Constitution was accepted by all the members of the Constituent Assembly. It concluded the herculean three-year effort of the members of the Constituent Assembly to state in words and set the legal basis for our country.
The Josephite online tribute to this iconic event in the history of India
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A Time for Sharing

The Jesuits are grounded in love for Christ and are animated by the spiritual vision of their founder, St Ignatius of Loyola, to help others and seek God in little things.
This was made evident to the 11-member faculty team of SJBHS who visited Pannur-Manvi Mission station from the 28th to 30th of October 2021, as part of the Twinning Program.
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Come Children’s Day and the Pre-primary department of SJBHS are all in high spirits to make the young Josephites feel special and loved. ‘Chilgala’-a week long fun fiesta comprising of competitions, dance, art and craft workshops and magic show along with fun, frolic and laughter was organized to let these little ones know how special they are to their teachers. The virtual dance
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Children's Day 2021

The online Children's Day programme was
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PTA Annual General Body Meeting

The grand annual event which
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Celebrating Karnataka

Since 1956, Kannada Rajyotsava is celebrated every year on November 1.
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The ninth edition of St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School Model United Nations
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Celebrating Fr Michael John’s 81st Birthday

Years have passed since the retirement
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JESCOL, acronym for Jesuit Collaboration
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International Peace Day

St Joseph's Boys' High School successfully
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St Joseph's Boys' High School successfully hosted the fifth edition of Bifrost, an
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Hindi Diwas

Bi-lingual Day
Hindi Diwas is celebrated across the country on September 14 to mark the popularity of Hindi as an official language of India. It is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of Hindi, written in Devanagari script, as one of the two official languages of the Republic of India, by the Constituent Assembly in 1950. Hindi is spoken by 250
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Pre-Primary Fun Day

Coronavirus still lingers in the air and continues to keep the students away from school.
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YouTube song by our students

Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie composed “We are the World’ in 1985 to alleviate the poverty crisis in Africa and generate aid for the country. Today, the world is in need of upliftment of the heart and the soul. The world grapples with the virus, millions are dead, homeless and bereaved. The Michael Jackson song is re-created by the students to alleviate the trauma of the past two years.
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Cadence 2021

The pandemic was in its second year, the mental endurance of the
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Teachers' Day Celebrations

Thank you Chers and Sirs!
Online or offline the day belonged to the
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Personality Development Programmes

On September 1, 2021, SJBHS organized an online session of the Campus Ministry’s Personality Development Programme, for the students of classes 9 and 10. The guest speaker was Fr. Royal Nazareth, the Director of Holy Cross Ministry and of the Students Home.He addressed the students on the topic ‘Vision and Purpose of Life’.
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National Sports Day

Meeting the Legends
An SJBHS podcast ‘Rendezvous with the Legends: Rahul Dravid and Ashok Kumar Dhyan Chand’ was recorded on 29 August, 2021. Sports and the camaraderie of the sports field have been the forte of Josephites down the ages. In fact, the cricket and football legends of SJBHS are considered
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Webinar on Phonics

‘Listen to their sounds’
Team SJBHS Pragati organized a webinar on ‘Discovering Phonics-Letter of the alphabet:Listen to their sounds’ on 25 August, to help parents understand the benefits of phonics.Ms Maanvi Vikas, a teacher from the primary section of our own school and an expert in the field, was the speaker for the day.
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LKG Orientation Programme 2021-22

The Orientation Programme for the parents of the newly admitted LKG students was held on 10 July, 2021 with Dr. Debmita Dutta (Parenting and Wellness Consultant) as the resource person. Even though the programme was held on a virtual platform, the guests were warmly welcomed into the school community.
Miss Gauri Achanta, a senior staff member
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Annual Retreat 2021

Year two of the pandemic made its grand appearance with the deadly second wave. We had our grievances and our protests. We questioned and even doubted the mercy and the goodness of the heavenly powers. Amid the confusion of the human mind and spirit, the Annual Retreat 2021was a revitalizer, a way to re-discover our beliefs and a rejuvenation of our spirituality.
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Prayers of Hope

We are seeking refuge and solace in these turbulent times and turn out hearts to and prayers to the Almighty.
At SJBHS, the virtual prayer service, held on 26 June 2021, was a collective seeking of the petitions, intercessions and supplications of people all around the world.
The prayer service commenced with the
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Wildlife Journey

At SJBHS even young students are taught to be the custodians of a land where wild life is not always endangered, where natural resources are treated with reverence and where man is only a temporary pilgrim.
The school in collaboration with its Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organized the webinar for the students of Std 7.
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Growing Microgreens

The new academic calendar 2021-2022 for Std 4 commenced with a workshop - part of the ‘Go – Green’ initiative. It was titled ‘Growing Microgreens’.
With the advent of the pandemic a lot of emphasis is continuously being given to lead a very cautious and healthy life and nothing could have been more apt than this session that was meticulously arranged by our teachers, PTA members and the esteemed resource person.
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Farewell Programme

As the Primary Administrator Fr Joel Fernandes SJ, said goodbye, the management and staff of SJBHS bid him farewell with heavy hearts. The short online farewell function showcased the contributions of Fr Joel in what has been a difficult year.
The programme started with a prayer and was followed by a video presentation of the year’s activities in which he played a stellar role.
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Principal’s Day Celebrations

1 June 2021 saw online festivities as the Principal of SJBHS, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ
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Welcome & Birthday Celebrations!

Our Primary Administrator Fr Vishal D’Souza SJ, joined school
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Sports as a Way of Life

We kicked off the new academic year with a webinar ‘Sports as a Way of Life’ hosted by the SJBHS department of Physical Education. Playing sports teaches us life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability and regular exercise helps the brain grow.
To help shed more light on this, the webinar had several eminent
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Pre-Primary Faculty Development

In order to stay up to date and with a renewed sense of purpose, a ‘Jolly Phonics’ training session was held for the teachers of the Pre-Primary department from 2 to 7 June, 2021.
The five-day session was conducted by a staff member of the Pre-Primary department of SJBHS - Ms Maanvi who says that
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Anekal Twinning Programme

After the recent trip to Maanvi, the next most enriching experience as part of the SJBHS Twinning Programme, was the outreach to Anekal. Due to the surge in the number of Covid-19 cases and Section 144 imposed for the same, a group of only 4 teachers led by Fr Joel Fernandes SJ
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Following Dreams

St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School runs a twinning programme with the Loyola Institutions in Pannur-Manvi, Raichur, from 5 March 2021 – 7 March 2021. It was a rewarding experience and an excellent opportunity for staff and students of both institutions to be able to exchange knowledge, expertise and know-how with each other.
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Grandparents’ Day

What good fortune it is to grow up in a home where there are grandparents! A grandparent is a bit of a teacher and a bit of a best friend. They are a treasure of values, tradition, knowledge and strength to a family. Grandparents sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children and contribute to keeping the family closely knit.
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Career Guidance for Beginners

On April 9, 2021, St Joseph’s Boys’ High School hosted a webinar on “Career guidance for beginners - How to chart a successful and satisfying life ahead”. The webinar organized by team Pragati, helped parents and students to make more informed choices regarding the stream and syllabus
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Learning is a continuous journey

The pandemic may have brought its own share of challenges and a fair amount of drawbacks but at SJBHS the learning and teaching continues. As part of the ongoing faculty development programme, the management at SJBHS co-ordinated a refresher course in understanding
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Farewell Assembly

In the year of the pandemic, the final year at school for the students of Class 10 and 12 was one of online teaching and learning. But on March 10, 2021, the management allowed students to take their final bow on stage through their farewell assembly.
The assembly began with the unfurling of the school flag and the singing of the...
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Stakeholders of Tomorrow

Major General Michael A J Fernandez, VSM, a senior serving Indian Army officer and Old Boy (batch of 1983), visited the School on March 8, 2021 and addressed the students of Class 12. His talk was also attended by several present and past members of the OBA Management Committee as well as former Vice Principal, Mr. Charles Noronha.
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Literature Digital Fest

Despite the pandemic, the much-awaited English Literature Fest also took place as usual, albeit on an online platform. The fest was held over a duration of two months. Organized by the Class 7&8 English teachers, the fest consisted of four events held under the individual and team category. Individual events were conducted on the online app ‘Flip grid’ whereas the team event was held live on MS teams. The events were as follows:
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Working with our Teachers

The interactive session began with a role play, displaying the various concerns and challenges faced by teachers while talking/interacting with parents. The Do’s and Don’ts for both parents and teachers were highlighted. Maintaining a professional approach with parents was emphasized. Mrs. Achanta shared her experiences, being both a teacher and a parent of the school. Teachers were given many
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The academic year 2020-2021 was like no other. The traditional classroom was given a breather, the terms ‘social distancing’, ‘sanitization’ and ‘quarantine’ became common vocabulary while online teaching and learning was trending! The outgoing batch of 2020-2021 was also like no other. The students became agile at balancing their studies with fests and other activities – all in a virtual space. They bonded, they supported and they
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A Message of Hope

In the pandemic world, life has become uncertain and plans have gone awry. Peace seems like an impossible aim. Bearing this in mind, the school conducted a webinar. Our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, in his address said that given the current state of the world, we should focus on peace instead of anger and on reconciliation instead of division. Fr. Sunil’s advice was that each one must reach out with love and compassion
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Grandparents’ Day

What good fortune it is to grow up in a home where there are grandparents! A grandparent is a bit of a teacher and a bit of a best friend.
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Webinar on ‘Insight into Learning Difficulties’

The current education system has not only seen many progressive changes in pedagogy and techniques but also a significant increase in identification of children with learning difficulties. Schooling in present times must encompass and celebrate the individual differences and unique strengths and limitations of each child.
Keeping this in mind, our dedicated team of special educators from the Resource Room ‘Pragati’
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Annual Prize Day

On January 30, 2021, our Annual Prize Day was held to felicitate, encourage and laud students for their hard work and dedication.
As with all programmes at SJBHS, the Annual Prize Day began with the invocation. The prize winners maintained a prayerful stance, not only for the prayer but also for the prayer song
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The JESCOL program is designed to educate teachers about the Jesuit way of life. It explains the purpose of education- imparting knowledge, skills and most importantly attitudes that Jesuits endeavor to build in their teachers and students.
The programme was held from January 28 to 30, 2021. It commenced with a prayer by Prof. Clement and the SJC team, followed
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Twinning Programme

SJBHS outreach program brought learning and teaching back into focus with the ‘Advanced English language sessions for teachers and lecturers’ from Loyola School and Loyola College, at Manvi. They were conducted from the 18th to the 22nd of January 2021.
Presented by Ms. Odella John, the sessions were appreciated by all the teachers present. With each session
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Muted Celebrations

The 72nd Republic Day was celebrated in the shadow of the pandemic, and with most students still out of school, the festivities were muted. However, the significance of the day, the spirit of the celebrations and the fervour of patriotism was on display.
At the very onset, the Indian flag was hoisted amid social distancing and other SOP’s.
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Wellness & Wellbeing Webinar

A wellness and well-being webinar was hosted by SJBHS on 18 December 2020, a theme that is important for all as we strive to actively become aware and make choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.
The speakers, Prof Ameena Zarar; a Behavioural Trainer, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Mrs Manju Goel, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Founder-Director of Eduvangelists Pvt. Ltd. and Dr Sangeeta Pandey
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Std 8 Innovation Lab 2020

Nothing can stop the spirit of innovation as was seen in those participating in the SJBHS Std 8 Innovation Lab 2020.
Even though we had to face the consequences of COVID-19, we never gave up and made sure we conducted the kick-off session, that too online! This was only made possible by technology and the coordination of the teachers and the mentors with the judges, organising committee, students and the evaluators.
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Std 11 Innovation Lab

“What is now proved was only once imagined” said the poet William Blake. It is with this spirit that enthusiastic students from the ISC batch embarked on the 1st edition of the Std 11 Innovation Lab.
Following an online kick-off session, they were allocated to teams and encouraged to innovate within the themes of this year’s Lab: societal impact of Covid-19, bias in society, healthcare, environment & sustainability and food security & nutrition.
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Fun Day Transport

Transportation is like the heart of the world that connects people across boundaries. Our economic growth is highly dependent on an efficient transport system. When it goes well, we don’t see it. When it goes wrong, it negatively colours our day and curtails our possibilities.
The motive of this fun day was to introduce road safety and make our students understand the different modes and importance of a good transport system in our daily lives.
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Farmers – Our Nation Builders

The stakeholders at SJBHS are urged to be active and informed citizens. A webinar titled ‘Farmers – Our Nation Builders’ was held on 15 January 2021 – with an expert to simplify the ground reality behind the ongoing farmers’ protest.
The webinar commenced with a prayer, welcome address and the introduction of the erudite speaker, Professor Babu Mathew (Former Registrar and Faculty at NLSIU). Prof Mathew has extensive knowledge
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Lockdown Learnings

Parents are also coping with the change of academic routine. To help them with this new normal, the management of SJBHS had a series of Parenting Sessions for the parents of the high school students, in six batches - pertaining to the different classes. The sessions were conducted by the school counsellors and moderated by Mrs Gowri Achanta, our senior and experienced high school teacher.
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Prayer Service

Fr Stan Swamy, a Jesuit priest, a human rights activist and a selfless missionary has worked for the voiceless indigenous people of Jharkhand for fifty odd years. Since his imprisonment on 8 October 2020, SJBHS with its management, staff and stakeholders have been campaigning with online petitions, silent marches, rallies and webinars along with ongoing prayer services.
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Christmas waves a magic wand over the world! From home to home, heart to heart, place to another, the warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer to each other.
The December Fun Day was all about Christmas.
The students of LKG and UKG were all set to celebrate Christmas with their best party attire in the warm colours of Christmas.
The young Josephites prepared handmade Christmas greeting
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Online Christmas Celebrations

The SJBHS Christmas program was dedicated to the migrants, farmers in distress, the healthcare workers and the human rights activists languishing in jails especially Fr Stan Swamy, a Jesuit priest, missionary and champion of the rights of the indigenous people of Jharkhand.
The program began by asking: ‘What is Christmas?’ For SJBHS, Christmas is much more than yummy food, gifts and goodies. A ‘Gift of Warmth’ programme held
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Webinar on Positive Attitude and Peer Pressure

The management of SJBHS is determined to not let the pandemic come in the way of educating and informing its family on how to cope with the times. So on 22 December, 2020, a webinar on ‘Positive Attitude and Peer Pressure’ was held to help students as they deal with an indeterminate number of days out of school and the complications that parents foresee
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Online English Language Teaching Initiative

SJBHS has always extended a helping, loving hand to the less fortunate among us. The pandemic cannot stop a heart that wants to do good. SJBHS organised English language sessions for teachers and lecturers from Loyola School and Loyola College, Manvi, from the 14th to the 18th of December 2020. Ms Odella John delivered the sessions. It was received with great appreciation by all 29 participants.
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Importance of Breakfast

A survey showed that, in the race to get the day going, many of the students in schools all over the world compromise on the one most important meal of the day – breakfast. The same applies for the parents, teachers as well as the other stakeholders at SJBHS. To bring to the fore the ill effects of such eating habits, the management of the institution arranged for a nutrition education program on ‘The Importance of Breakfast’.
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Webinar on Human Rights

As the world celebrates Human Rights Day, at SJBHS we held a webinar on 10 December, 2020 to celebrate ‘Human Rights’.
The webinar began with a prayer asking for divine intervention as the world grapples with the pandemic and the strife of an uncertain future.
Our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, welcomed the guests and asked the gathering to stand with
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Pannur - Manvi Twinning Programme

Empathy instead of sympathy; inclusion instead of isolation; and social sensitivity
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Constitution Day

The Nation marked 26 November as Constitution Day (Samvidhan Divas) – a day to honour the 308 members of the Constituent Assembly spearheaded by Dr. B R Ambedkar; a day to recall the colossal contribution of our founding fathers who envisaged the needs of the massive differences of the people of India; and a day to re-iterate our promise to uphold the tenets of the longest Constitution of the largest democracy of the world.
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From the 17th of October to the 5th of December, 2020, music flowed across the world as SJBHS rolled out the second season of Cadence.
The Festival, just like last year, included three categories of singing: solo, duet and group with two divisions, Junior (classes 5 to 7) and Senior (classes 8 to 10) per category. Acknowledging the diverse ethnicity of this musically bustling city, the festival allowed participants
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Eucranium 2020

At Eucranium 2020 - SJBHS Intra-School Science Fest was held 16 to 20 November 2020. The sixth edition was held online and provided all the thrill of a big event and all the learnings of organizing and executing.

The opening ceremony was aired on the social media platforms and commenced with a prayer. The guest speaker, Dr Anik Luke Dhanaraj,
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Namma Infinity 2020

At Namma Infinity 2020 – the middle school fest held from 23 October – 20 November 2020, our students went on an enjoyable virtual journey into the world of creativity, imaginative thinking and resourcefulness.
The events covered both the arts and the sciences. The many categories of competition included the following:
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Pre-Primary CHILGALA 2020 Celebrations

We all surely agree that children are
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Chilgala 2020
A Magical Fest

The birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on Nov 14th is celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’ in India. In St Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Chilgala is held in the weeks preceeding this and celebrated as a fun fiesta filled with events that can explored by young minds.
This year, too, an ultra- grand celebration unfolded on 2 November and the two Read More

Children's Day
Celebrating Childhood

Josephites never grow old! Right through their SJBHS journey they are serenaded on Children’s Day to make them feel young at heart, innocent and reveling in the joys of childhood. This online programme was conceptualized, coordinated and showcased by the staff and it was titled: ‘Celebrating Childhood’!
The programme commenced with a serene prayer song,
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National Level Webinar
Nutrition, Fitness & Mental Health: Striking a Balance

The SJBHS Department of Physical Education in collaboration with the Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI) Karnataka chapter hosted a webinar on 7 November 2020.
Many speakers shared their knowledge on nutrition, fitness and mental health.
The webinar began with a prayer calling on the Almighty to alleviate the sufferings Read More

Stand with Stan, expressing our Solidarity with the Human Rights Defenders

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Gandhi Jayanti

In the past many months, SJBHS has moved from offline to online education and from stage performances to live streams. On 2 October, 2020, the school management, staff and students celebrated Mahatma Gandhi, the ‘Father of the Nation’ who advocated change.
The online programme, marking the 151st birth anniversary of Bapuji, commenced with the lighting of the symbolic lamp – a beacon of hope in the days of the pandemic.
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Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year at SJBHS on 14 September and this year was no different, in spite of the pandemic. The online platforms were used to livestream celebrations glorifying one of the official languages of India. The virtual programme included songs, dances and speeches by the students, under the able guidance of the staff of the Hindi and Music departments with the wholehearted support of our Principal
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Fun Day

The ‘fun day’ topic for the month of September was ‘Animals’. The pre-primary teachers
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Celebrations at SJBHS

Away from the physical environs of the school, and now dealing with the virtual presence of Teachers, did not deter our students from wishing their teachers or celebrating the day.
The online assembly collated by our Principal Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, Vice Principal Mr. Uday Kumar and the Primary School administrator Rev Fr Joel Fernandes SJ along
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Online Retreat

For our Catholic staff and students, SJBHS held an Online Retreat on 29th August, 2020 from 9a.m. to 12 noon.
After five months of social distancing from their beloved school, the staff and students were nostalgic as they were welcomed, albeit virtually, into the beautifully decorated chapel, by the Principal Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ.
A short, yet meaningful prayer by Read More

Staff Orientation

It’s the ‘new normal’ even for the staff orientation programme! Our staff participated in the orientation programme from home. The day’s events began with a prayer followed by a prayer song. Our Principal Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, welcomed the guest speaker, Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ, Rector of St Aloysius College Mangalore who went on to speak on ‘Challenges to education, fostering well-being
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Fancy Dress 15th Aug 2020

On the 15th of August, 2020, the staff of the pre-primary section of SJBHS boost the morale of the tiniest
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Independence Day

As the Indian flag was hoisted in the school grounds by our
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INIGO FEST 2020- ‘SJBHS has talent’ 23 – 30 July 2020

The Ignatian week celebrations at SJBHS
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SJBHS at the IIHM Young Chef Competition – 18 July 2020

After the initial round, the young chefs
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Bangalore Cyber Security Awareness Initiative at SJBHS 18 July 2020

‘This is not the new normal - this is the normal!’, said the erudite Ex-IPS officer Shri Sanjay Sahay as he and his team counselled, enlightened and interacted with the students of classes IX, X, XII, their parents and teachers on a virtual digital platform. ‘This is not the new normal - this is the normal!’, said the erudite Ex-IPS officer Shri Sanjay Sahay
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World Environment Day

Despite the Lockdown, SJBHS continues to remain committed
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