Overview of Our School

We are a 160-year-old educational institution with a robust curriculum, guided by Jesuit philosophy and faithful to the school motto of ‘Fide et Labore’ (faith and toil).

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The school is set in a large eight acre campus in the heart of central Bangalore. In the last two decades, the old blue and grey stone buildings have given way to a taller structure to house the growing number of levels offered in the school – now from Kindergarten to Std 12. The school strength is a little over 3,500 students and they are supported and cared for by 150 qualified and experienced teachers and other support staff, many of whom have been with the school for most of their career.

We hold regular training workshops and seminars for our Teachers to better equip them in their role. In keeping with the growing needs of society, we have on board, three qualified counsellors who meet with children through the day as well as a resource room for children with specific learning difficulties and an infirmary with a trained nurse. Our Parenting sessions for individual classes which are held every year, are well attended and appreciated by the parent body. In house counsellors, expereienced teachers and guest experts speak on current issues affecting our children.

We are affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). We offer at the Std 10 level, the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and at the Std 12 level, the ISC (Indian School Certificate), both the Science and Commerce streams of study. Please read more under Curriculum. Facilities & Resources

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The school is well equipped with modern science and computer labs, playing fields, a sports complex for indoor games and a heated pool, play area for younger children, auditorium, a food court and canteen. A well-stocked library is open on all working days; reference books, a range of fiction for all ages, periodicals and magazines are available.

Our school has a blessed reputation in sports and our boys regularly make national and international debuts. Aside from the regular PT classes, inter house games are part of the regular schedule. The School also has a Boy Scout troop and a unit of the NCC and Cubs. Inter and intra school matches are marked in the school calendar and boys are given every encouragement to participate. Please read more under Sports.

The SJBHS Model United Nations and Phenomenon – an inter school Cultural Festival – are annual features, which draw many visiting schools. Inter-class and inter-house debates are held periodically. Boys are trained for concerts and music classes are a part of the time table. Please read more under Co-Curricular.

There are various Clubs in areas such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literary Activities, Cookery, Carpentry, History, Kannada, Computers, Craft, Gardening and Dramatics. Please read more under Clubs.

The school is divided into four Houses: St. Andrew's, St. David's, St. Georges and St. Patrick’s. The Houses compete with one another in studies, games, track and field sports, aquatics, dramatics and music competitions. Boys are expected to take part in some of the school activities such as games, debates, drama, scouting, NCC etc. Each pupil should strive to attain proficiency in at least one of these activities. The School management interacts on a daily basis with Parents and Students via sms as well as PupilPod – where assignments, attendance etc may be checked. Please see Parent Login.

We have an annual magazine and biannual newsletters with student contributions and stewardship by an editorial board of both staff and senior students. Please see Newsletters.