We have a vibrant and diverse range of co-curricular activities and active Clubs to support them. We believe that together with academic rigour and sporting opportunities, co-curricular action helps in the holistic development of young children. Learning, making mistakes, failures and successes are a critical part of growth.

Our school holds many festivals around different disciplines to enhance learning within the classroom. We believe that a holistic education includes exposure to cross disciplinary events; our student's learn many important skills and lessons while organising, conducting and participating in these.

The SJBHS Model United Nations (MUN) has become a landmark event among Bangalore schools. The MUN is an opportunity for students to engage with diplomacy and world affairs. The power to change and influence lies with our youth; History has shown us that it is young people who can change things and MUN is a perfect opportunity to learn about parliamentary procedures and government functioning, thus becoming more aware citizens. Many critical skills such as public speaking, negotiation and communication are essential for future studies and jobs. They also help build confidence and relationships in all areas of life. Further, academic skills such as research and background checking which are used by MUN participants will hold them in good stead through life. Writing skills also get polished in the process.

Phenomenon is our much awaited inter school Cultural Festival with competitions in dance, music, photography, creative writing, debating and filmmaking among others. Game stalls, bouncing castles, tattoo artistes and magic shows along with gourmet and street food stalls make the occasion a happy and vibrant one.

In 2018, we performed a musical – Billy Elliot – with professional direction and production. Our students regularly trained in music and singing and there is a Music Room and trained teachers for the same.

Our annual festival on science and technology – Transcendence has quizzes, coding and gaming among other events. At Eukranium – our high school science fest – we bring in emin scientists to speak on innovation and change. There are events for every student of high school from ‘Haywire’, the model competition, to ‘Say Watt’, ‘Vertigo’, ‘Brain Strain’ and ‘Vertigo’ and more.

Our Commerce fest - Bifrost - is held over two days and sees participation from many schools. The fest aims to connect the various aspects of commerce, such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Public Relations. Individual events - Best Manager and Simulation as well as Product Launch, Crisis Management, Brand Makeover and Best Manager give students a glimpse of the commercial world ahead and the challenges in it.

There are various Clubs conducted across the school, tailored to the age groups attending them.

For high school boys there are clubs in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literary Activities, Cookery, Carpentry, History, Kannada, Computers, Craft, Gardening and Dramatics. Established professionals are invited as guests so that our boys can interact and gain skills.