Abacus Club

The objective of this club is to teach students the abacus method and to master counting using beads. Students of Stds 1 and 2 participate in this club. They are expected to grasp the basic methods of mathematical operations on the abacus with both hands and translate the numbers into beads and beads into numbers.

Dance Club

The Dance Club is conducted for Stds 1 to 4 by the Lourd Vijay Dance Academy. The dance club gets our primary students to move in rhythm, and is popular among the junior Josephites. The choreographers from Lourd Vijay’s Dance Academy teach the basics of free style, contemporary dance and Bollywood.

Scouts Club

The Scouts Club has been increasing in size over the past few years under the guidance of the scoutmaster Mr. J. Vincent. There are six levels which students need to complete in order to become full-fledged scouts. The different levels are Pravesh, Pratham, Dhruthiya Thruthiya, Rajya Puraskar (state award) and Rastrapathi Award (President's Award). The young scouts work energetically to achieve the highest award.

Literary club

In the Literary Club, activities such as reading, tongue twisters, idioms and proverbs and quizzes are engaged with in an effort to expand the student’s vocabulary and literary skills. The club is for Stds 7 to 10 and is conducted by teachers of the English department.

History Club

Members of the History Club visit places of historical interest in and around the city: the statue of Queen Victoria, the High Court and Sir Mark Cubbon’s statue. Club periods are spent in reading reference books and watching historical movies under the guidance of History teacher Mrs Gowri Mirlay Achanta and Mrs. Jessy Tharakan.

Art Club

Art is one of the most effective forms of learning and communication. It also provides a basis for other creative activities such as reading and writing. The Art Club caters to students of Stds 1 to 6. The teachers of the Art department and other staff members who are passionate about art have carefully designed a curriculum catering to different age groups.

Cookery Club

The Cookery Club for Std 7 aims to get students to appreciate and acknowledge the details and planning of a good meal at home. A theoretical session followed by a practical session makes this club a learning hub for nutrition and knowledge about what we eat. A variety of dishes are tried out and learnt.

Young Innovators Club

The Young Innovators Club at SJBHS has helped students become more creative and improve problem solving skills. It has also helped students understand the concept of astronomy in a simple yet interesting way. An important event of this club was the lunar watch - a theoretical cum practical session on the dynamics of earth and moon.

Robotics Club

This club introduces to beginners the complex field of robotics. Activities such as the basics of Arduino programming, the theory behind such concepts and practical demonstrations are included.

NCC Club

This club conducted by Mr. Deepak Xavier focuses on inculcating discipline and team work amongst the students. It is one of the oldest clubs in the school. Expressions Club

Expressions Club

This club at SJBHS has taught students how to impersonate literary and other characters and voice modulation. It has helped build a positive attitude towards public speaking and aims to eliminate fear regarding this essential skill.

Public Speaking & Dramatics Club

The Public Speaking and Dramatics Club aims to instil in its participants a passion for theatre, literature and team spirit. Boys are encouraged to participate in a number of public speaking activities and theatre games that foster team spirit and kinship. Boys are taught to speak confidently and engagingly to a group of people, and to enjoy it!

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