YouTube song by our students

‘We are the World’

Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie composed “We are the World’ in 1985 to alleviate the poverty crisis in Africa and generate aid for the country. Today, the world is in need of upliftment of the heart and the soul. The world grapples with the virus, millions are dead, homeless and bereaved. The Michael Jackson song is re-created by the students to alleviate the trauma of the past two years. The objective is to generate tranquillity, harmony, serenity and to remind ourselves that ‘We are the ones to make a brighter day!

The students of St Joseph’s Boys’ High School in association with ESPA (Elements School of Performing Arts) unveiled the musical rendition of unity, peace, hope and fraternity through the song ‘We are the World.’ The song captures the essence of the joy of the students back in the school campus, the hope for a brighter tomorrow and a message that we are not alone. The music, the lyrics and the pure melody of the young voices brings a sense of faith in the future and a conviction that the world will be righted again!


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