Teachers' Day Celebrations

Thank you Chers and Sirs!
“The role of the teacher is like the proverbial ‘ladder’. It is used by everyone to climb up in life but the ladder itself stays in place.”
- Dr Abdul Kalam

Online or offline the day belonged to the staff of SJBHS! The wishes poured in, the adulation of the students expressed in the most eloquent of terms and the drawbacks of being out of school were nullified! The teachers were rejuvenated yet again, forgetting the trials and tribulations of online teaching.
India’s first Vice President and the second President of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday celebrations as Teachers’ Day, is a tribute to all teachers in India and a day to express the faith that we have in teachers as nation builders.

The prayer and prayer song, that were part of the video released by the Management of SJBHS, was an intercession for the physical and mental well being of the staff, a prayer for divine intervention during the pandemic and a thank you to the Almighty for the wonderful staff of the school. The wishes that followed were encapsulated in warmth and gratitude. The students from the pre-primary to the ISC were grateful for having mentors during the most difficult time in their young lives. They sang, they danced and they expressed their joy at being Josephites - all from the heart!

Our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, said that ‘Teachers’ Day’ was the perfect day to express his thanks to his staff, the pillars of the school. He thanked each staff member for their ability to adapt, re-skill, learn and re-learn teaching techniques and for their concern for the students who were home bound, sometimes at the cost of their physical and mental well-being. Fr Sunil wished the teachers on their special day and asked God for their good health, joy and peace always.

A video was shown at the end with footage from the PTA programme held on 3 September, the wishes by the ESPA (Elements School of Performing Arts) and the PTA members wishing and thanking the SJBHS teachers. It was a reminder that no matter which subject the teacher teaches, at SJBHS, he/she is more than a mentor, more than a counsellor and more than a philosopher – a Josephite teacher is a superhero for their students - past, present and future!

Link for the You Tube video: https://youtu.be/GxLHg1UUENM

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