Introspective Workshops for Teachers

Teacher Care

On September 9th, Friday, the teachers of St Joseph's Boys High School were a part of a pro bono workshop conducted by Vital Signs Consults, a boutique advisory and management firm in Bangalore. Grassroots is a community outreach initiative taken by Vital Signs that aims to focus on the well-being and development of overlooked professionals in organised spaces to allow sustainable growth. As 5 September is celebrated as Teachers’ Day, the team at Vital Signs took this opportunity to recognise teachers, who play a crucial role in nurturing society from the grass root level.

The workshop focused on self-care for Teachers while transitioning through change. The major themes of the session were how decisions, thought processes, and behaviours are determined by subconscious biases that are inherent in us all, values that guide us as north stars and how to deal and align with them, respectively. The activities were both energizing and introspective, helping the Teachers impactfully implement their understandings from the session.

Brought to the teachers by the OBA of the school, the programme was informative, inspiring and enjoyable.

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