Run Cher Run!

Staff Sports

The Staff Sports held on the 15th of September 2018 was full of light hearted fun and healthy competition. The teachers of SJBHS were categorized into houses, just like the students and had to compete in solo and team events to gain points for their houses. As competitive and sporting as their students, the staff undertook frantic practices during after school matches and plotted and planned to be the best!

Anyone marching into the gates of SJBHS on the morning of 15th of September was witness to a festive spirit, loud peppy music and the staff in colourful house T-shirts; the cheer leaders with their apparatus were also visible.

Races and team games were played with champions and first timers; the Tug-O-War was a far cry from following any sort of Olympic rules but the air was contagious and even the staid, serious and sedate teachers reveled in the games, never mind the later aches and pains they would have to endure.

Held for the second year in succession, the Staff Sports Day is a stress buster and an excellent ploy to foster team building and enhance healthy competition among the teachers of SJBHS. St. Andrew’s House members beat all the odds to emerge winners!