Personality development/ Retreat

Reform Starts at Home

The 20th and 21st of November 2019 were days of self-examination, contemplation, introspection and reflection for the young Josephites of Std 5 & 6.

For the Catholics, we had Mr. Sanjay Mahajan and his team leading the boys in prayer and worship through motivational videos, rejuvenating talks and exhilarating action songs which resulted in the entire chapel reverberate in resounding glory to God. The topics covered were ‘God’s Unconditional Love, Loving Your Parents, How to Believe in Oneself and Forgiveness’.

It was reinforced to the young listeners that God does not judge by external appearances but always looks at the purity of one’s heart and soul. The students were also motivated to believe in themselves against all odds. The spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness were also reiterated as “forgiveness is not an occasional act but, a permanent attitude.”

A character enrichment session was conducted by Ms. Odella John for the non-Catholic boys. The theme was, ‘Loving Yourself while Respecting Your Parents and Helping Others’.

The boys enjoyed the session thoroughly and lapped up every word with great interest and appreciation. Many of the boys openly and honestly expressed their emotions at the realization of having taken their parents and loved ones for granted. The students felt good about themselves and were convinced that they would go out into the world to create a ripple effect by their positive words and deeds.

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