Visit to Raman Research Institute

Physics’ Wonders

The Electronics students of Std 12 A, accompanied by their teacher, Mr. Sundaram visited the Raman Research Institute on July 31st 2019. Although the institute is located in Sadhashivanagar, amidst busy and bustling streets, once inside, the beautiful surroundings provided an escape from traffic and rush. Full of trees and gardens, there was lush greenery as far as the eye could see. Prof Dwarakanath spoke to us and explained the various types of research going on at RRI, especially Bio physics and Astrophysics.

Mr. Krishnamurthy guided us through the museum and told us about the life of Sir. C.V. Raman and his role and interest in various topics, including stringed instruments. The museum displays numerous kinds of rocks, stones and crystals in beautiful colors and shapes. Mr. Murthy explained the reason for types of rocks to reflect certain light. Quartz crystals and diamonds of mesmerizing colors had been arranged in symmetrical designs. Mr. Murthy even showed how a polarizer placed in certain positions does not let light pass through it.

The 15 of us were then taken into a small room with seemingly boring and brown rocks on display. However, when the lights were switched off and the UV rays were turned on, the rocks showed fluorescence’s of absolutely wonderful colors and shades. We were all in awe of these phenomena.

In the Physics lab at RRI, we spoke to an engineer named Mr. Iyer who told us about the numerous types of electronic devices that are used in the lab. He demonstrated the working behind the capacitors, inductors and amplifier circuits and explained how devices are used to detect radio signals.

It was an extremely interesting and informative trip and truly an experience we will not forget.

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