Inter-Religious Prayer Service

The spirit of holiness embodied with the solemnity of a prayer to the Almighty, showers happiness on the most pious yards of our life. The divinity of belief in God protects us from evil and guides us to choose between right and wrong. By enriching our aspirations, our faith in Him enlightens and inspires us to rise to the pinnacle of success. A humble bow to Him can do miracles, for He is the Captain of our ships and the flare of our lamps.

St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School observed the inter-religious inaugural prayer service on the 12th of June to handover its token of gratitude to this supreme Lord of our sacred hearts. The event began with the lighting of the lamp of 'Faith and Toil' by the chief guest for the day Mr. Robin Uthappa, Rev. Father Principal Clifford Sequeria, SJ and Vice Principals Mrs. Miriam Angelo and Rev. Father Sunil Fernandes, SJ. Through a couple of readings from various religious texts, the students invoked God’s blessings for the ensuing academic year. This was followed by hymns and bhajans.

Mr. Robin Uthappa, a well-known cricketer and an Old Boy of the school, addressed his “hero – worshipping” audience. By upholding the school’s motto ‘Fide et Labore’, he has always remained a true Josephite. With a nostalgic feel lingering about him, a deep sense of pride pervaded the atmosphere. He motivated the ‘young adults of today’ and advised them to become ‘responsible citizens of tomorrow’. He says, “believe and become”. According to him, believing in ourselves even during hardships is highly effective and important. The essence of his speech rightly was.

“A goal to accomplish and a dream to chase, is what makes a hardworking man achieve the unachievable”.

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