73rd Republic Day Celebrations

Freedom in mind; Faith in words; Pride in our heart; memories in our souls. Let’s salute the nation on Republic Day!
We celebrated our 73rd Republic Day on 26 January 2022. The military prowess and cultural diversity of the country were exhibited, in all its splendour, at Rajpath in New Delhi. A reflection of the same was seen in the video released by St Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Bengaluru; A befitting tribute of allegiance to the Constitution and the values of democracy and justice for all.
The prayer was said, the flag was hoisted in the foreground of the school building and the National Anthem resonated with undertones of pride and nationalistic fervour. The values inculcated as part of the hidden curriculum at SJBHS were highlighted when the Guest of Honour, Major General Paul Deepak Naidu, alumnus of 1979, took the stage. He said that ‘change is the only constant’ in the army barracks where life was never lonely, never boring and ever exciting. He emphasized that honesty, fair play, justice and knowing right from wrong were the qualities he had learnt in Joseph’s and which paved the way for his career. He re-iterated that the values imbibed at a young age, by the students, can be analogous to a ‘life raft in a stormy sea’. Major General Paul also told the students that India faced twin challenges of keeping up with modern technology and the impact of climate change. A Josephite should rise to tackle these hurdles and take the country forward!
Patriotic songs and dances dotted the virtual programme; a documentary of the celebrations at Rajpath and the significance of the ceremonies were showcased; a summary of our national symbols was presented by the primary school students with special reference to the ambassador of peace, love and brotherhood, the ‘Dove’. The focus, however, was on the contributions of Josephites to the Indian army - the brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the nation as well as those still serving in the frontline of the forces. The war memorial which stands proudly in the school campus was included in the presentation to augment the values of patriotism, nationalism and universal equality.
Link: https://youtu.be/PPOX1bgej9s

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