Proud Moments
Proud Moments

Xavier School of Management (XLRI) Jamshedpur conducted a national level emerging entrepreneurship event in February.
Royston Menezes of Std 12 C took part and was placed first among 150+ students across India. Congratulations Royston!

Proud Moments – February 2022

Revelations, a gospel fest, hosted by St Joseph's College of Commerce was held on 24 and 25 February 2022.
The SJBHS team school took part in many exciting events such as treasure hunt, street play, western acoustics and on-spot photography.
Team SJBHS won the second place in Street play which was held offline.
The participants were -
Ishani Bagchi 12 C
Maria lewis 12 C
Manasa Somaraju 12 B
Stevin Thomas 12 C
Laksh Jain 12 B
Lohan Mirpuri 12 B
Himanshu Siyal 12 B
Diya kothari 12 C
Sakshi Jain 12 B
Aashi Jain 12 B and
Krisha Kanted 12 C.

IIHM Bangalore Young Chef Competition/ Teacher Chef Competition 2020-2021

IIHM Bangalore, conducted the tenth edition of IIHM Young Chef 2020-2021 in which ISC student Simone bagged the second runner up award, winning a cash prize of 5000/-.

IIHM Bangalore also conducted the Teacher Chef competition 2020-2021. The competition was conducted online. Nine teachers participated and won all the three cash prizes of 50,000/-, 20,000/- and 15,000/-.The second runner up prize was awarded to Rosalyn Mercy, first runner-up awarded to Manvi Vikas and the first Prize was won by Lynette Maceline Fernandez.

World Food Programme

Lt Gen C Bansi Ponnappa (SJBHS 1979 Batch) has taken over as the Deputy Chief of Army Staff (IS&C) of the Indian army. The General Officer has the distinction of commanding the prestigious Vajra Corps.
View Link:
World Food Programme (The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate) award received by our SJBHS student Ms Mahithi Bharathesh, Batch of 2011.


Christ Junior College Fest - Graviton 2022

SJBHS participated in the three-day fest. The following students got placed in their events:

2nd place
Shrushti S (11 A),
Rishab Tarakesh (11 A)
1st place
Ronan Lobo (11 A),
Purvi Rajpurohit (11 A)
1st place – Mr. Graviton
Mohamed Ayman Ajaz (11 A)

Baldwin Boys’high School Fest - Eudaimonia 2022

SJBHS participated in many of the events during the online fest and were awarded a number of prizes. The winners are as follows:

Saturnalia [Space Event]
- Adesh David Naidu, 10C ~ First Place

Pandora’s Box [ History Event ]
Prajwal P Rao, 10C ~ First Place
Siddarth Kothari, 10C ~ Second Place

House of Thespians [ Drama ]
Mark B Prabhu, 8 ~ Second Place

Hermes( Valorant Gaming )
Team SJBHS ~ Second Place
Siddarth Murli 10E, Tanishh 10E, Aditya S Rao 9, Tamojit Ghoshal 10E, Justin Jose 9

Semi-Finalists [ 3rd to 5th Place ]
Pandora’s Box- Sanath Kothari, 7D

Hermes ( CODM ) - SJBHS Team
Jacob NJ 10B, Tejasvi 10B, Vikrant Singh 10B, Yohan 10B, Keith 10B

Rubix Cube
Jeet Monani 10D ~ 3rd Place
Joshua Jinu 10D ~ 4th Place
Hermes (Chess)
Tanmay Srinivas 9
Congratulations students…you’ll do SJBHS proud!

3rd Annual Better Me Baking Competition 2022

Heartiest congratulations to Evan Xavier D’Souza, a student of Class IV of SJBHS for being the winner of the BETTER ME BAKING COMPETITION 2022.
Your orange cake sure deserves the win. Keep making the school proud!

Proud Moments

1. Clarence High School Mock United Nations – 2022 (CHSMUN-22) CHSMUN'22 was held on the 7th and 8th of January, 2022. St. Joseph's Boys' High School participated and won the following accolades:
P Sudhamshu of 12C, representing USA in the UNODC won the Best Delegate Award.
Dhruv Bajaj of 8D, representing USA in the DISEC won the Commendable Delegate Award.
Congratulations! Keep making the school proud!


INVICTUS 2022 was a two days fest held on 13th and 14th of January 2022 hosted by Delhi Public School Bangalore East. SJBHS participated and the following students got placed in their events:
2nd place
Purvi Rajpurohit (11 A), Shreya Singhania (11 A), Ronan Lobo (11 A), Mohamed Ayman Ajaz (11 A) and Rishab Tarakesh (11 A)

2nd place
Ryan G Arakkal (12A),
Leslie Tellis (12A) and
T R Puneet (12A)


Reducing Inequalities, Advancing Human Rights

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther Jr

Instituted in 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10 to protect and preserve the dignity of individuals in the face of discrimination in all its forms.

  • The theme for this year “Equality – Reducing Inequalities, Advancing Human Rights” brings to the fore the urgent need to strive harder to bridge the growing divide between the have and the have-nots, to reduce the disparities between the powerful and the powerless; and to endeavour to stem the problems of vaccine inequality, gender bias and suppression of minorities in the various parts of the world.

  • At SJBHS, the staff and students co-exist in a secular environment where they celebrate their differences, embrace diversity and treat all in a manner sans discrimination. The video presentation showcased the necessity to abide by the Fundamental Rights laid down by our Constitution as these rights mirror the universal principles of equality, freedom and justice. To fight for the rights of the underprivileged is indeed the fight for humanity, a fight for parity and a fight for a just society!


The Spirit of Discovery
The month of November 2021 saw frenzied preparations in way for the online Middle School Science Fest 2021-22. With around 100 entries for the various competitions held in Science & Mathematics; Computer Science & Technology; Ninja Skills and Art & Craft, the children displayed an enormous amount of skill, talent and dedication as they sent in their entries. It seemed as if the very spirit of science was rekindled in the young minds as they strived to answer complex questions of the universe.

  • The fest aimed to bring out the scientific temperament in students and provided a great platform for them to boost the confidence of the students as they spoke confidently about their models. As the dates of announcing the results drew near, judging the best from the best was quite a daunting task. With the words of Albert Einstein ‘the next important thing is to never stop questioning’, the Science Fest came to a close with a sense of satisfaction and optimism and anticipation for the next year.


Sanath A of 8B has won the first place in the National Level ABACUS Competition held in November 2021.


Jathin S and Solomon Karuppiah from SJBHS (Batch of 2021) received the Rajya Puraskar, the Bharat Scouts and Guides Governor’s Award, Karnataka. Having crossed four levels, the State Governor’s Award is a tribute to the dedication and hard work of these two Josephites. Wishing them every success as they endeavour to make SJBHS proud when they compete for the President’s Award.


COLOSSUS, the annual Commerce Fest hosted by Christ Junior College, Bengaluru was conducted from the 3rd-5th of October, 2021 on an online platform. Our students took part in 9 exciting events over a span of 3 days. We are proud to announce that SJBHS was crowned the OVERALL WINNERS of Colossus '21.
The following students placed in their respective events;
In-Debted: Hardik Jajodia (12B) & Justin Prem (12B) - 1st
Esoteric: Vishnu M Vinay (12C) & Kisna Shetty (11C) - 1st
Espionage: Krishang M (12B) & P Sudhamshu (12C) - 1st
Shackled: Himish Surana (12B) & Aayush Kannan (12B) - 2nd
Contentious: Anshul Khurana (11B) & Tia Pemmaiah (11B) – 2nd
Congratulations Winners!


St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School participated in CRESCENT 2021 conducted by Bishop Cotton Girls' School which was held in September 2021 and bagged the following prizes:
Exchange Alley- Muddaya Thimmaya Konganda (XI B) & Anshul Khurana (XI B) (Winners)
Mirage- Siddhant Ajay (XI C) & Annareya Maria D’Almeida (XI C) (Winners)
Mirage- S Siddharth (XI B) & Anvitha Rahul (XI B) (Runners up)
Dragons Den- JK Kevin Manickam (XI A) & JK Keno Manickam (XI B) (Runners up)
Fabrication De Cinema- Darshan K Thakurel (XI C) and Sharlene Aranha (XI B) (Winners)
Venari - Vansh Singhvi (9E) and Donish Parekh (9D) (Third place)
Congratulations Winners!


La Concurrence by La Martiniere for Boys', Kolkata was conducted on 30 Sept & 1 Oct, 2021 on an online platform. The following students won in the respective events.
Dalal Street: Gagan Thai; XII-B, 2nd Place
La Crise: Sania Sabu; XII-C & Pratik Badrinath; XII-C, 2nd Place
Envisage: Khushi Gandhi; XI-B & Prerana T; XI-B, 3rd Place
Cerebro: Purvi Rajpurohit, XI-A, 3rd Place
Congratulations winners!

PROUD MOMENTS AUGUST 2021 - Synchronize 2021

Bishop Cotton’s Boys' High School held the second online edition of their Science and IT Fest Synchronize 2021. The fest had participants from all regions and was full of challenging events. SJBHS enrolled 40 participants in these events. The students have made the school proud by giving their best and winning the


PROUD MOMENTS AUGUST 2021 - AC MUN (Anthony Claret Model United Nations)
17&18 AUGUST 2021
Congratulations to the winners!
1. Tamanna Suresh (11C) - Best delegate in the WHO
2. Bryan Nelson D'Souza (12A) - Honourable delegate in UNSC

Proud Moments AUGUST 2021

Laasya Priya K N of Class 12 B was adjudged second in the ‘Impact Project Competition’ conducted by ‘Big Impact’, an organization which partners with UNESCO. The three-week project was based on the topic ‘Rejuvenation of Water Bodies’. The three-minute video submitted by Laasya showcased her blog, a group discussion and the work done to raise awareness on water conservation

Proud Moments

Toppers of KISA (Karnataka ICSE/ISC Schools Association)
Declamation Competition
First Place in declamation (Senior category) was bagged by SJBHS student,
Manasa Kasturirangan Somaraju 12B
Congratulations Manasa!

SFSMUNB held in September

SJBHS participated and won the following accolades:
Kisna Shetty 11C Best delegate (CCC)
Dhruv Bajaj 8D Best delegate (UNSC)
Ksheiraj Harishankar 11C Commendable Delegate (Eco-friendly)
Prithvi Nair 10D Commendable Delegate (UNHRC)
Bryan D'Souza 12A Honourable Delegate (Lok Sabha)
Congratulations Winners!

Proud Moments

Three SJBHS students from class 12 (2020-2021) have secured prestigious scholarships at City University Hong Kong.
Harsh Lalwani - Top Scholarship (>100 %)
Nobel Jaison - Full Scholarship (100%)
Jrenoth Misquith - Full Scholarship (100%)
Congratulations to them on this wonderful achievement!

Proud Moments

Hindustan College of Arts and Sciences organized Hindustan Interschool Knowledge Hunt, an e-quiz for the students of grades 11 and 12 from Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and the North East. The quiz was conducted on the 19 March, 2021. Adithya P Sajeev of 12 B won Third place.

Deepthi Mahesh Kumar and Manasi Hegde of Class XII B submitted an Economics project profiling the migrants. Their project has been published on the website. To view, please click on the link below:

Congratulations students you do us proud!

MCC Esplendida-2021

Mount Carmel Pre-University College hosted its annual cultural fest “Esplendida-2021” on 30 January, 2021. It was conducted on an online platform. Events like the fashion event, Western and Indian Dance, Filmmaking, Art & Craft, Literature were all a part of this fest.
A total of 48 students took part in 20 of the 26 events held. Their splendid, enthusiastic and extraordinary performances brought home a number of awards as follows:
• 1st Place in Ballad Writing – Harshvardhan Patel – 11A
• 1st Place in 2020 on a Canvas (Art & Craft) – Bernice Ria – 11A
• 1st Place in Contagious Intelligence (Science) – Diya S – 11A
• 1st Place in The Inside Story (P.R.O) – Pratik Badrinath – 11B
• 1st Place in Les Quizérables (French Event) – Diya Jacob – 11C
• 1st Place in Bible Panorama (Filmmaking)

  • 1. Vishnu M Vinay – 11C
    2. Royston Menezes – 11C
    3. Pavit Paul – 11B
    4. Minal D’Cunha – 11B
    5. Sania Sabu – 11C

  • • 2nd Place in Fotografie (Photography) – Vishnu M Vinay – 11C
    • 2nd Place in Ameya (Indian Dance Association)
    1. Ishani Bagchi – 11C
    2. Manasa Somaraju – 11B
    3. Dulcina Ann Misquith – 11B
    4. Adithri D Chitloor – 11B
    5. S Sheetal – 11B
    6. Varsha Bhansali – 11B

  • • 2nd Place in Musical Melodrama (Mock Rock)
    1. D Laksh Jain – 11B
    2. Siddhant Joseph Ambat – 11C
    3. Sakshi Jain C – 11B
    4. Manasa Somaraju -11B
    5. Joette D’Souza – 11B
    6. Vartika Gupta – 11C
  • • 3rd Place in Paradigm Shift (Ecology Club) – Harshvardhan Patel – 11A

    • Galaxy Runway (Fashion) Participants
    1. Shane Frank Sunil – 11B
    2. Siddhant Joseph Ambat – 11C
    3. Simone Govias – 11C
    4. Diya Kothari – 11C
    5. Elita D’Souza – 11C
    6. Joette D’Souza – 11B
    7. Minal D’Cunha – 11B
    8. Bernice Ria – 11A
    9. Himanshu Siyal – 11B
    10. S Aprathi – 11C

    The SJBHS team was adjudged 2nd for most participation (48 students from ISC) and overall 3rd Place in the fest.



The Jain College -CGS (Vasavi Temple Road) hosted its Annual Commerce Fest "SOLARIS-2020" on 21 December. It was conducted through the online platforms due to the current global pandemic and was indeed a well-organized fest. This time the events were four in number as well as new and more challenging than ever.

Despite the present scenario, our school participated enthusiastically in the fest, giving our very best to keep our flag flying high and the following students placed in their respective events:

• 1st in Crisis Management - Lohan Mirpuri (11B) And Laksh Jain (11B)
• 2nd in Business quiz - Nathan Marcus (12B)
Congratulations to all the participants!


‘CHIGURU’ – The DPS Virtual Inter-School Kannada Cultural Fest 20-2021 28 November 2020
A team of four students represented the Kannada department of SJBHS in the DPS Kannada Fest and garnered much praise for their online performance. Chirag Harsha received the first prize for his depiction of Akkamahadevi and a three minute recital of the poetess of Kannada Literature, during the online fancy dress competition.
The team of participants from SJBHS received the Second Runners up Prize for their overall performance.
Congratulations to the team and the Kannada Department!


1. State Level KISA (Karnataka ICSE Schools’ Association) Online Quiz 2020
Aditya Sajeev of 12B of SJBHS won the 2nd place (Senior Category)

2. Magnachrista (Christ College)2020 Winners
Arjab Sinha 11A placed first at the Quiz event;
Royston Menezes 11C, Yash Menda 11C, Minal D’Cuhna 11B placed first in the Movie Making event.
Vartika Gupta 11C placed third in the Art event.

3. VIVATHARANG conducted by Vydehi College
Drithi Mahesh Yavagal of 11C secured 1st place and
Royston Menezes of 11C secured 2nd place in Theme Dance category
Dolly Jain 11B secured 3rd place in Western Dance category

4. CLMUN 2020 Winners (Clarence High School MUN)
Joshua Joseph: Commendable Delegate
Arav Kathpalia: Best Delegate

The Jain College Commerce Fest

‘Sphoorti 2020’, the online commerce fest hosted by Jain College provided the participants with a platform to showcase their interests in marketing, law, finance and to also help them to take back experiences that would prove valuable in the future.
Four teams from St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School were placed:
Simar Kaur Kaler, Vartika Gupta, Jaden Sarah, Minal D’cunha and Maria Adriana Lewis from 11th grade won the first place in Corporate Vogue (fashion event)
Pavit Paul and Sania Sabu also from 11th grade won the second place in Sleuth & Suits (Law Event)
Inara Zayn, Laksh Malhotra and Dhiren Jain from 12th grade placed second in Shark Tank (Marketing Event)
Nathan Marcus and Vibha Kamath secured the second position in The Economist.


The SJBHS Model United Nations Delegation participated in the St. Josephs Pre-University College Model United Nations and the head delegate Sudhamshu Prashanth of 11 C placed as the Honourable Delegate in the UN Human Rights Council, the delegation also consisted of Nathan Marcus of Class 12 who received a special mention in the UNSC, Yashas Rajesh of Class 9 who participated in the Bilderberg Conference and placed as the 2nd Honourable delegate, Arav Kathpalia of 11 C who participated in the AIPM won the Commendable delegate award, Adesh David of Class 9 who participated in the CCC and received a special mention.
• Sudhamshu Prashanth – 11C – UNHRC (Honourable Delegate)
• Arav Kathpalia – 11C – AIPM (Commendable delegate)
• Nathan Marcus – 12 – UNSC (Special Mention)
• Yashas Rajesh – 9 – Bilderberg Conference (2nd HD)
• Adesh David – 9 – Continuous Committee (Special Mention)

Synchronize 2020

Bishop Cotton’s Boys’ High School hosted its Annual Science Fest ‘Synchronize’ on 16 and 17 September 2020.
It was conducted through the online platforms due to the current global pandemic. This time the events were new and more challenging than ever.
Despite the present scenario, SJBHS participated enthusiastically in the fest. The following students placed in their respective events:
• 1st in Clash of Titans – Siddhant A, 11C
• 1st in Genera – Edlyn Grace, 11A & Diya S, 11A
• Top 5 in E-tron – Varun Gadi, 11A & Michael R, 11A
• Top 5 in Animania – Shane Frank, 11 B & Priyansh Surana, 11A
Since SJBHS made it to the top 10 in most of the events, the school was adjudged as the ‘Best Institution’ of Synchronize 2020 and was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000.


The SJBHS Model United Nations team (MUN) won ‘Best Delegation’ at the SFSMUNB 2020 Conference.
The team:
• Luke Polackal who won Best Delegate in WHO
• Sudhamshu Prashanth who won Best Delegate in UNHRC
• Joshua Joseph Jose who won Commendable Delegate in UNSC
• Harshvardhan Patel who won Special Mention in UNSC.
The team made quite an impact on the Bangalore MUN circuit, congratulations Boys!

Inter Religious Prayer Service
A Silver Lining

Held on the 9th of October, 2020, the SJBHS Inter Religious Prayer Service, held online, re-iterated the theme of ‘Hope and Faith’ and was the harbinger of just one message –
‘All religions have one language – the language of love, to forgive one another and to live in harmony.’
Our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, the Vice Principal Mr. Uday Kumar and the Primary School Administrator Rev Fr Joel Fernandes SJ lit the symbolic lamp to usher in a milieu of calm and peace. The prayer dance created a symphony of emotions. Fr Sunil, in his message, urged the stakeholders of SJBHS to renew and revitalise their faith in humanity, to keep an open mind and to live as good human beings in order to get closer to God.
The prayer service continued with readings from the holy texts: Bhagwad Gita, Tripitakas, Quran, Jain Agamas, Bible and Guru Granth Sahib. The readings and translations were interspersed with songs in English, Hindi and Kannada. A staff member communicated the essence of hope and faith, of unity and of patience in understanding the works of the Almighty.
In the end of the virtual inter religious prayer service, the Covid-19 frontline workers were remembered, prayed for and thanked for their yeoman services rendered during the contagion. The closing Hindi song brought to mind the power of prayer, the faith in the Almighty and the hope that all would be well.


Amrita Varshini of 12 A of St Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Bengaluru was awarded second place in the recently concluded YOUNG CHEF OF INDIA (Seniors) culinary competition conducted by the International Institute of Hotel Management. The All- India competition saw Amrita compete in multiple rounds at various levels, ousting at least 100 other competitors. The final round was adjudged by India’s well known culinary genius Chef Ranveer Brar. Having received a cash prize of 15,000/- gifts and certificates for the same, it goes a long way in understanding the level of competition and the caliber of the participants.
Congratulations Amrita! All the best in your culinary journey!

Colossus 2020

Colossus 2020, the online Commerce Fest hosted by Christ Junior College was a marvellous opportunity for the participants from SJBHS, adding to their storehouse of valuable hands-on experience.
Our students won laurels in the battle of negotiation, marketing, managing and many more such events.
The list of winners:
• Shubhank Shah and Sania Sabu from Std 11 placed first in Corporate Inbound (Business plan)
• Inara Zayn and Varun Peres from Std 12 placed second in Pitch Perfect (Marketing Event)
• Ikjot Segal and Aakruithi from Std 11 placed second in Renaissance (Entrepreneurship)
• Arav Kathpalia and Justin Prem from Std 11 placed third in Mysterio (Mystery Event).

Congratulations !

Greenwood High MUN

The SJBHS Model United Nations Delegation participated in the Greenwood High Model United Nations Competition. Head delegate Chiraag Mehta, 12 C placed as the Best Delegate in the United Nations Environmental Programme.
Kaif Afsar Sait, 11 C received a special mention in the UNHRC.

Glen I B Karate

Glen Jaison Earnest, studying in Std. I B of SJBHS, has secured the third place in the Kata Competition at the JKA India Karnataka, Open Online International Karate Kata Championship.
Congratulations Glen!

‘Swaccha Pakhawada’ 2020

The competitions held by Deccan Herald Institutions Team in July 2020 saw two winners:
Kishna Shetty of Std X placed second in JAM
(Just a minute)
Yashas Rajesh of Std X was placed third in the same event.
Congratulations !

Kumaran’s Parliamentary Debate (All-India)
11 – 12 July 2020

Rishab Devaiah of 12 B was adjudged the fifth best speaker in the tournament and the team reached the semi-finals of the competition which tested the skills of 56 teams consisting of 168 participants.

Jawahar Bal Manch – Karnataka
31 July 2020

Krisha Bajaj from 12 A of SJBHS received the consolation prize for painting at the Jawahar Bal Manch online competitions.
Congratulations Krisha!

Melio Speed Math Challenge #2

Sanath A of Class 7B of SJBHS was placed second in the finals of the online competition beating 145+ participants from 10+ cities across India, UK, Thailand, Kuwait and Bahrain in the Under 14 category. He was awarded with a certificate and a cash prize.
Congratulations Sanath!

‘Vivum’ 2020 – TISB Fest

The International School of Bangalore (TISB) hosted its 3rd edition of their annual cultural fest ‘VIVUM 2020’ from the 10th to the 16th of August. It was conducted through online platforms due to the current global pandemic and was indeed a well-organized National fest. It included cultural, E-sports, as well sporting events. Despite the present scenario, our school participated enthusiastically in the fest, showcasing amazing talent through mind-blowing performances.

The students placed in their respective events are as follows:
  • 1st Place in Skipping (Trojan Cup Event) – Himanshu Siyal (11B)
  • 1st Place in Hockey - Girls (Trojan Cup Event) – Diya Shetty (11A)
  • 1st Place in Hockey – Boys (Trojan Cup Event) – Varun Muthappa (11C)
  • 1st Place in Basketball (Trojan Cup Event) – Shaun Thomas Shajan (11A)
  • 3rd Place in Theme It Up (Dance Event) – Ishani Bagchi (11C)
  • 3rd Place in Vivum X Masterchef (cooking Event) – Laksh Malhotra (12C)
  • 2nd Place in Soliloquize (Drama Event) – Jacob Abey C (11A)
  • 1st Place in Sell it Up (Marketing Event)
    – Yash Menda (11C)
    - Laksh Anchaliya (11C)
    - Lohan Mirpuri (11B)

There were exceptional videos of the following students that were broadcasted live in VIVUM20 Channel:

  • Dhrithi Yavagal (11C) – Theme it Up (Dance Event)
  • Diya M.S (12C) - Vivum X Masterchef (cooking Event)

Report by Shaun Shajan & Laksh Malhotra.

Skating his Way to Glory

Arjun S. Kumar of Std 1E had been selected to represent the State team in the National Skating Championship. He brought laurels to the school by winning the Bronze medal championship held at Visakhapatnam on 17th December, 2019.

Hackathon 2019
SJBHS Bags 2nd Place

At the Toyota Hackathon 2019 - Code for Safer India, a total of 700 teams took part in Phase 1 and 54 teams qualified for Phase 3, conducted in RV college of Engineering. The objective of this state level competition was to develop digital solutions to reduce the frequency and impact of road accidents in India.

St Joseph’s Boys’ High School team consisting of Janavi and Nobel bagged 2nd place in this State Level Competition and were awarded with a gift cheque.Our teams who qualified for Phase 3 were:
Team 1: Janavi and Nobel from ISC 11A
Team 2: Rishadd and Yash Michael from ICSE 9B and 9C
Team 3: Jason and Krishi from ISC 11A
Team 4: Solomon and Sai from ICSE 9B.
Organized by Toyota with the support of Indian Road Safety Campaign, the aim is to test the intellect and ideation capabilities of the students of Stds 9 to 12. of the premier schools of Karnataka.

National School Games

Kalp S Bohra has won a gold medal in the 400m and a bronze medal in 200m breastroke at the 65th National School Games held in Delhi between 17th and 22nd November.

Toyota HACKATHON 2019

Code for safer India was a State Level competition organised by Toyota with the support of Indian Road Safety Campaign.
About 1200 students from over 50 schools participated. Nobel Jaison and Jaanavi H, 11th grade students were the runners up at the State Level competition. Their app, lifeline, can collect data of road conditions and alert emergency contacts without human intervention at the time of crash.


SJBHS students go all out to compete in extracurricular activities and at DPS’s Kannada Competition, Josephites won a number of prizes:

Abhuday Kiran Hadal (7B) won the first place in the Elocution competition.
Shishir Hande Handattu (7A)won the second place in the narration of his ‘Life Lessons’.
Vismay (8B) brought home a trophy for second place trophy in debating.
Vidhaan (6E) was placed second for drawing scenery which depicted the ‘spring’ season.


Going for the Nationals
Arjun S Kumar of Std 1E has been selected to represent the Karnataka state team in Skating in the boys 5-7 age group category for the National championship. The trials for the selection to compete for Nationals were held between 13th to 17th November this month at Mysore and he came first and received a Gold medal. He is now adjudged as the State champion for his category and will represent Karnataka in the National skating championship which will be held in December 2019.

Junior Golf Tournament

Adithya J Kamath of Std 4 C continues his winning streak by winning the second place at the IGU Southzone tournament (Category D) at Hyderabad Oct 14th to 16th; and the third place at the Karnataka golf association junior golf tournament on Nov. 18th (category D).

Martial Arts Champions

Naven N D'Almeida of Std 2, age 8, weight 50 kg, category - Sub Junior, represented Karnataka Taekwondo Association at the 4th KTA Taekwondo Championship - 2019 and secured the 1st Place (Gold medal) and the 2nd Place (Silver medal) respectively.

Aiden L D'Almeida, Std 7, age 12, weight 66 kg, category – Cadet

Inter School Robotics competition- Chrome 2019

was held at Chrysalis High School on the 24th of August 2019. The following were adjudged as the winners:
1st Place: Std 8 SJBHS
2nd Place: Std 5 SJBHS

Vistas 2019

At Vistas 2019 (Inter-school Literary Competition conducted by Innisfree House School) on the 27th and 28th of June, Josephite B.S Nirbhay Raju Gowda, of Std 4 won the 2nd place in the Kannada Tell-a-Tale competition (Junior Category).

Results of The Spellbee Competition For The Academic Year 2018-19

1) S. AYUSH (Class IX)
awarded the certificate of excellence at the National and International level, a book set and a digital card worth 2500/-
secured the second rank at the National as well as the International level. Award includes 3 book sets, certificates, medals and 3 digital cards worth 10000/-

Cambridge Model United Nations (MUN)
SJBHS won the BEST DELEGATION award as well as a number of individual accolades as follows:

1. Kishna Shetty (IX ‘E’) and Adyoth Channakeshav (IX ‘D’)
won Futuristic Security Council, Russia, Honourable delegate.
2. Joshua Jose (X ‘E’)
won CCC-KGB , Honourable delegate.
3. Ashlin Anthony (VIII ‘C’)
won World Health Organization, Russia, Best delegate.
4. Luke Blackal (X ‘D’)
won United Nations Office on
drugs and Crime, Russia, Best delegate.

Lights, Camera, Action: Nature’s Best
August 2020

The interschool ‘Times of India’ photography contest on the occasion of World Photography Day saw Nidhishwar K of Std VI as a winner in the Nature’s Best (Part -1) category.
Proud of your diverse skills, Nidhishwar!

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