Annual Speech Day and Prize Distribution - 2015

There are no shortcuts to anywhere that is worth going. ~Beverly Sills.

Saturday, the eleventh of July, 2015, brought about an aura of joy and excitement, hope and blessing....the occasion... The Annual Speech Day and Prize Distribution of St.Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Bangalore.
The NCC Cadets and the Boy Scouts gave the guard of honour as the chief guest arrived.

Silence enveloped the auditorium as the audience rose in unison to welcome the chief guests for the event, Mrs. Margaret Alva (former Union Minister and Governor), accompanied by Rev. Fr. Anthony Joseph (Rector of St. Joseph’s Institutions), Mr. Gopal Bengeri (President, OBA), Mr.Brian D’Lima (Secretary, OBA), escorted by Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira (Principal of St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School) and Mrs. Miriam Angelo (Vice-Principal of SJBHS) and Rev. Fr. Sunil Fernandes (Primary School Co-ordinator). The dignitaries and the audience were seated and the programme began.

He, who kneels before God, can stand before anyone.
The programme commenced with an inspiring invocation song sung by the ICSE students of SJBHS, highlighting the importance of faith and belief in God. ‘Life itself is a drama, and we are all artists performing our role assigned to us by God.’

The entertainment section of the annual prize day also included a play humorously enacted by the students of SJBHS. The play comically centred around the activities on Mount Olympus, which set the audience roaring with laughter.

The ISC students then sang –‘Oh happy day’, followed by another beautiful song to show the significance of dreams... this sure captured the attention of the audience who were mesmerised by the talent and skill of the students in so many fields!

Mrs. Margaret Alva then addressed the gathering, talking about life’s challenges and our response to these hurdles. She spoke about individual and societal development and equality for all. Each one has a talent and potential, waiting to be discovered — education is the catalyst to achieve success. Rev. Fr. Anthony Joseph spoke about standing for excellence in all fields, to be emotionally strong, socially sensitive and intellectually vibrant — to have high aspirations — to make a difference to this universe that, we, are part of.

The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes from it. ~John Ruskin.

With a sense of joy, pride and willingness to do better , the prize winners went up on stage to receive their prizes from the dignitaries and to pose for the camera with their certificates in hand , motivating them to be competitive and strive to achieve more success .

The Vote of Thanks acknowledged the hard work of every person who played an important role in the smooth progress of the event. The National Anthem was sung, the curtains closed, applause rang and crowds dispersed. A hectic but joyful occasion, thus ended, marking off another event on the Joseph’s calendar, engraving forever the memory of the event in the hearts of awardees!

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