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Principal's Day

‘Principal’s Day’— A celebration ‘Of’ the students, ‘By’ the students ‘For’ the leader of the Institution! The special Assembly was indeed an occasion for the students and teachers to show their love, gratitude and respect for their Principal, Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira. Needless to say, the celebrations enabled Father to sit back, relax and enjoy the ‘special’ assembly put together for him.

The school flag was hoisted, and as it unfurled in all its glory, it rained down a shower of petals …akin to the shower of blessings from above! The special prayer called on the Almighty to continue to bless Fr. Principal with steadfast confidence while making decisions, a strong determination to stand up for what is right and just and a wealth of tolerance and patience to face any adversity! The prayer song echoed those very intentions.

The prayer song gave way to the age old Birthday song, which was sung by the entire gathering. It was followed by poems, songs and dances by the students of the various sections of the school, bringing a broad smile on the face of our dear Principal.

Fr. Clifford Sequeira thanked the staff and the students and said that he was overwhelmed by the adulation and the enthusiasm of the Josephites! The students went home happily with their share of goodies while the staff continued in ‘celebration mode’ with more songs, wishes, bouquets and greetings …all of which culminated in the traditional ‘banquet’, another tryst with upholding the Josephite tradition!!

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