Pre-Primary Fun Day

Health and Fitness

Coronavirus still lingers in the air and continues to keep the students away from school. With fitness, immunity and well- being as the key ingredients to ward off ill-health; keep the virus at bay and get back quickly to school, the teachers of the Pre-Primary Department planned to have a ‘health and fitness’ session as part of the Fun Day for the month of September. The session began, for the tiniest of the Josephites, with age-appropriate explanations on the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet. Stress was laid on the need to have fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. It was then followed by a healthy-snack session where the students as well as the teachers enjoyed the tasty mouthfuls virtually!

It is rightly said that ‘A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body’. Hence, the teachers planned for a brain booster game where the little ones were required to follow the leader and mirror the same. Another healthy-snack session involved fireless cooking. The boys had to follow the demonstration and load up a ‘roti’ with veggies and cheese. They had to then serve up the rolls on a platter - a lesson in differentiating the healthy version of a roll from junk food. This was possible with the support and cooperation of the parents who kept all the ingredients ready in advance. The little chefs dished out some yummy food, keeping in mind the underlying nuances of health and nutrition.

It is the day and age when internet has awoken a large number of home cooks, taught the world the need to look for calorie readings on all food products and cautioned the populace about the benefits of exercise. How then can St Joseph’s Boys’ High school be left behind? Health, fitness and happiness are an integral part of the Josephite persona and are nurtured from the pre-primary stage to become a way of life later!

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