“Delegates, if diplomacy is your Science of Deduction, then this is your 221B Baker Street. Welcome to SJBHSMUN 2016!”

SJBHS MUN - 2016

Delegates were right to estimate the amount of diplomatic skill and tact that they would need to exhibit on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November at #27 Museum Road. With committees such as the League of Nations, International Olympics Committee and the EU NATO Joint Summit being simulated for the very first time in the Bangalore Circuit, the 4th edition of SJBHSMUN exceeded expectations.

If one was on the hunt for a combination of intellect, wisdom, analytical skill and strategy, a step into either the Security Council, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Economic and Social Council or the All India Parties Meet, would end the search. While committees such as the Security Council comprised the graver section of delegates, the All India Parties Meet lived up to the true spirit of Indian parliamentary temperament and stayed clear of disciplinary behavior! The UNODC personified productivity by passing five resolutions and the ground scenario in the Middle East received a complete makeover in the EU NATO Joint Summit. The League of Nations was anticipated as a committee that would take delegates way back to 1936 and infringe upon the expansionist policies of certain Nations and the National Socialist Party of Germany in particular. Well, it definitely did not disappoint. Two committees in this MUN - the ECOSOC and the IOC, deliberated upon two very relevant agendas that affect us today - the issue of widespread poverty and the doping scandal in the Olympics.

The Socials on the second night served as a stress buster, taking the focus off all conflicts as delegates danced together disregarding differences in committees and countries!
All in all it was an educational and informative three days and we can’t wait for the next one.

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