Celebrating Ignatian Values

Ignatian Week

In keeping with our glorious tradition, SJBHS celebrated the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola this year with much fanfare and the joyous participation of both students and staff. The popularity of our founding father was evident in the enthusiastic preparation for the Ignatian week which is held each year at the end of July.

St. Ignatius of Loyola is the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Jesuit fathers who run several reputed educational institutions all over the world such as our school. Saint Ignatius was a deeply spiritual man who dedicated his life striving for the greater glory of God and influenced many people around him to carry the tradition forward in the generations to come; to serve humanity selflessly, renouncing every worldly pleasure under the sun.

Ignatian week this year was abuzz with a flurry of activities like essay writing, collage making and drawing by the students. A fun quiz was conducted for the teachers and cash prizes were distributed to the winners. The celebration ended with a short programme conducted by the students and the staff at the school auditorium commemorating our beloved founder. A special mass was held in the chapel for the Catholic students.

The cultural programme held at the auditorium had the sole purpose of imbibing Ignatian values in our daily lives to make the world a better place. The programme started with a beautiful medley of songs spreading the message of peace on earth by the ISC choir. It was followed by an action sequence by the students of Stds 5 & 6 depicting the life of St Ignatius. Next was a beautiful rendition of a hymn by the school teachers followed by a theatrical representation of the life of St Ignatius by the students of Std 10. A dance number by the girl students of the ISC department and the Junior school teachers enthralled the audience, spreading cheer and joy on the happy occasion. The primary school choir sang with zeal, in keeping with the occasion. Later that day a special programme was held just for the staff to celebrate this special day. The festivities ended with a scrumptious lunch held for the staff of the school.