SJBHS Food Fest Feeds Social Consciousness Day


On the 19 th and 20 th of January a special cell of SJBHS - I Care’ is the special cell of SJBHS launched a food festival and social consciousness day. Social outreach and care for others were the drivers of this event.

On campus there were food stalls with stacks of cupcakes, cotton candy, mounds of donuts, burgers and sandwiches vied with hot Biryani, Fried rice and Noodles, not to forget the Gulab Jamoons, chaat, kheer and flavoured milk. The Josephites, old and young, formed serpentine queues in front of all the stalls to taste, to savour and to indulge- as this was the day dedicated to the palate!

The next day, the staff as well as the students of Stds. X and XII used the monetary returns of the Food Fest to felicitate and entertain the orphans of a few of the orphanages of the city of Bengaluru.

As the visitors entered the school premises, they were cordially welcomed and whisked away for breakfast, to gear them up for a day of fun and enjoyment! Entertainment in the form of song and dance, by the students of Stds 10 and 12, had the visitors enthralled. The sports events were witness to camaraderie, sportsmanship and carefree laughter.

At the end of the event, prizes were distributed, take away gifts were received by the gleeful visitors and lunch was served. The entire community comprising of the staff and the batch of graduating students as well as the visiting students sang, played and ate together – in the true spirit of fellowship – each understanding the underlying importance of the visit.

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