Fun Day – August

Fancy Dress

On the 15th of August, 2020, the staff of the pre-primary section of SJBHS boost the morale of the tiniest of the Josephites with a Fun Day on the topic ‘Pride of India’.

The first ever virtual ‘Fun Day’ was just as good as any other ‘Fun Day’ at school. ‘Pride of India’ was the theme and what could be better than a fancy dress competition - a great way of breaking the ice while instilling confidence in the boys. The competition helped in tackling their stage fear and giving wings to their freedom of expression.

The boys of LKG and UKG dressed as famous Indian personalities, national leaders, scientists, astronauts, sports personalities, the national bird and the national animal of India. A lot of credit goes to the parents who took time and effort to make these costumes.

The children also had a fun craft activity to do. The teachers taught them how to make the ‘Tricolour’ and decorate it with rice and lentils to help their gross motor skills.