Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial Day

We Need Sustained Efforts for Global Peace

The Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial Day was observed at St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School to honour the memory of the tragic Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings during World War II. Mr. Nakane Tsutomu, the Consul General of Japan, was the esteemed Chief Guest for the event, lending significance to the occasion.

The event commenced with a poignant introduction to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedies, outlining the immense suffering caused by the atomic bombings. This introduction aimed to sensitize attendees about the devastating consequences of war and the pressing need for global cooperation to prevent such calamities.

The symbolic lighting of a lamp followed, representing unity and hope. This act symbolized a collective pledge to illuminate a path toward a world free from violence and conflict.

A comprehensive presentation followed, narrating the fateful events of August 6th and 9th, 1945, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki fell victim to atomic bombs. The presentation, complete with historical accounts and survivor testimonials, underscored the gravity of the tragedy and urged all present to advocate for peace and disarmament.

Fr Vishal D'Souza SJ, the Primary School Administrator, addressed the audience, reflecting on the event's significance. He emphasized the importance of remembrance and individual responsibility in preventing the recurrence of such catastrophes. Fr D'Souza's words underscored the potential of unity, compassion, and empathy in building a world that upholds the ideals of peace.

Mr. Nakane Tsutomu, the Chief Guest, was felicitated for his role in strengthening diplomatic ties between Japan and the host country. His commitment to peace and diplomacy resonated with the event's overarching theme, highlighting the mutual objective of preventing future conflicts and fostering international harmony.

Mr. Nakane Tsutomu, the Chief Guest, then shared his perspective with the audience. He passionately discussed the lessons of the tragedy and their relevance for humanity today. Stressing the need for mutual understanding and friendship between nations, he urged each individual to contribute to global peace and harmony through acts of kindness and empathy.

Fr. Sunil Fernandes SJ delivered a concise yet impactful message, drawing inspiration from Gautama Buddha's teachings. He focused on the wisdom of shedding ego and desires, which often fuel conflict, and finding genuine happiness through selflessness and contentment.

The event concluded with a solemn note, featuring the Japanese National Anthem followed by the Indian National Anthem. This musical finale symbolized the unity and shared aspirations of both nations in their pursuit of global peace.

In summary, the Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial Day event provided a sombre reminder of the horrors of war and the imperative of sustained efforts for global peace. The students departed with a renewed sense of duty to contribute positively to the world and a collective commitment to shaping a future where such tragic episodes remain relegated to history.

By Alvin Neal
12 A

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