Healthy and Happy Families

Webinar Healthy and Happy Families

On 18th February 2022, St Joseph’s Boys’ High School hosted a webinar on ‘Healthy and Happy Families’. Rev. K. Vasudevan, a well-known speaker in the institution circles for his sessions on happiness, an author of two books, a researcher in Hebrew and a stand-up comedian was the speaker for the day.

‘Home is where the nation begins.’ After a brief introduction, Rev. Vasudevan went on to highlight the importance of reiterating, reinforcing and reaffirming to the child that he is loved for who he is. The love and encouragement a child receives from his parents produces wonders and helps in raising a healthy and happy family. Happiness helps to combat stress and related issues. While it is important to discipline a child, it is imperative that this be done in the context of a loving relationship.

A reinforcement of positive emotions in the family, where smiles, laughter and joy are spread results in spreading the exuberance. The secret of happiness is to make others happy. When you are happy, you will be creative and you will have more people and friends around you and it also improves your standard of living. Keeping a ‘Gratitude Diary’, affirming and nurturing your child, balancing discipline with love and concern, holding God as the paramount aspect in your life, communicating with your child on a regular basis, finding contentment and happiness in whatever you have, overcoming grief and not being paralyzed by it, nurturing relationships by being in touch with people were all various aspects touched upon by the eloquent speaker during the webinar.

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”
Henri Nouwen

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