Sense Organs

Fun day for the month June

The theme for the Fun Day for the month of June 2017-2018 was ‘Sense Organs’ - focused on bringing attention to the five senses in a human being’s life and its importance and significance in our daily routine.

A collection of activities was conducted by the teachers to make the children understand how senses aid our existence on this earth.

To start with, the students had a wonderful experience learning to smell by being exposed to a variety of fragrances and also some pungent ones. Enthusiastic and energetic as always, our children went on to understand the sense of touch by feeling different patterns designed on a chart.

Hide and seek was played a differently by our little champs - they were blind folded and asked to guess a few objects, teaching them the value of sight.

It was a pleasant atmosphere as kids enjoyed the sound of pebbles and marbles, getting their ears accustomed to distinct rhythms. Lastly, they used their taste buds to find the sweetness of sugar, the saltiness of salt and the bitterness of bitter gourd. All in all, all five senses were appreciated.