‘Fun Day’


The ‘fun day’ topic for the month of September was ‘Animals’. The pre-primary teachers know that the youngest Josephites love animals and so they put together a lot of information and fun activities.
The students had to cut masks of their favourite animal, colour and don the mask as well as speak a few lines about the animal they portrayed. The teachers let the students enjoy being an animal; roaring and running around careless and free but at the same time learn and speak about Kingdom Animalia, too.
The teachers narrated a beautiful story on the topic along with a virtual video of a zoo, which gave the little boys a look and feel of being in the midst of a jungle, surrounded by animals. Reality took a back seat as the students were asked which animal they would like to bring home from the zoo!
There was an interesting handprint activity which let them enjoy getting their hands dirty by painting them in different shades of pink and leaving a print of a beautiful flamingo on their books. The children were excited to show off their pretty pink flamingos.

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