My Family

The family is one of the most important institutions in our lives. Taking time to appreciate our loved ones for all that they do, helps us to understand the value of a family. The teachers of the Pre-Primary section of SJBHS wanted to teach the young ones of LKG and UKG to actively take part in understanding the different roles played by the family members, to make a house into a home.

The young ones worked on their family tree - showing the relationship between members of the family. Drawing and colouring a family tree helps to grasp the concept of working together to make a family work. When the child knows his family better it boosts his self-esteem. The students had to draw a tree and had to stick the pictures of family members on the leaves of the branches.

Every class played an interesting and meaningful video, relating to the family members and the values to be inculcated in the family.

Ten students from UKG came dressed as different family members. The class teachers explained the concept of small and nuclear family, big and joint family. They also had interactive sessions with the students asking simple questions about their family.

The topic was age appropriate, the activities were simple yet interesting and the information about the family was effortlessly and smoothly transmitted to the students. Appreciation for all the work done by the parents and the grandparents, support given by the siblings and love generated by being part of the family was an integral part of the FUN DAY for the month of June.