Children's Day - 2017

At St Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Children’s Day is synonymous with excitement, colour, and cheer. This year was no different. On the 14th of November, the management, faculty and support staff put up a performance the boys and girls of SJBHS are unlikely to forget.

True to the SJBHS spirit, the celebrations began with a prayer, asking God for his forgiveness and blessings on our most precious resource: our children. Beseeching our boys and girls to believe in miracles, Mrs Daisy and Ms Jeen performed a rousing version of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s hugely popular “When You Believe”.

What followed thereafter was a riot of colour, rhythm and music. The teachers of the primary and the high school sang for their students, while the teachers of the pre-primary department and the support staff took it upon themselves to sportingly shake a leg on stage. They were greeted with ecstatic applause by the boys, who were on their feet, dancing along to foot-tappers like ‘Jimmiki Kamal’ and ‘Shape of You’. In a moving speech, Father Principal addressed the students, reminding them that they are our nation’s most precious resource. Mr Suvish, Mr Tarun, Mr Fabian and Mr Robin Colaco took to the stage with their guitars and magnificent voices, much to the students’ delight.

The programme came to a close with a special item - a dance performance by the boys of Std 7. The students spent the rest of their school day eating doughnuts and watching movies. All in all, it was another memorable day in the school calendar: one we hope students will carry with them for years to come.

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