St. Joseph’s students take a thrilling plunge at leadership

Investiture Ceremony 2015 - 2016

On Monday, the 2nd of February 2015 the formal, traditional and impressive Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2015-2016 took place at the morning assembly in St. Joseph’s Boys High School. The Students who had elected the office bearers of the school, warmly welcomed and applauded them as they prepared to take oath. Mrs. Miriam Angelo, the Vice Principal, welcomed the gathering. After the Captains and Vice Captains of St. Andrew’s, St. David’s, St. George’s and St. Patrick’s Houses marched to their positions with their respective flags, Amal Anthony of 9 ‘C’ led the School in prayer. He prayed for the student leaders to be committed to the school motto of ‘Faith and Toil’, to lead with good example and to build a just student community based on the ‘ideals of equality, freedom and equal opportunity…to be people who unite rather than divide, harmonise rather than segregate and who are considerate for the last and the least.”

The School flag was then hoisted and the school anthem sung with characteristic Josephite pride and harmony. Next, the student leaders stepped forward to have the Principal Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira, SJ administer the oath of office to them. They promised to be ever mindful of the school motto of ‘Faith and Toil’ protect and defend the rules and regulations of the school and to devote themselves to the service of the school with the help of God. They promised to foster healthy union and fellowship, to respect lawful authority, to provide opportunities for healthy competition and sustained striving for excellence.

The Principal then charged them to honour their pledge and to embark whole heartedly on the task of exercising leadership, providing all round formation and training in true citizenship. He prayed for the blessing of God on them, for the trust of their teachers and the love and support of their fellow students.

The Captains then stepped forward to express their sentiments of gratitude on being elected and their resolve to live up to the ideals of their school and to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to them in a spirit of fair play, excellence and love for their school motto, traditions and culture, winning the love and respect of their school community. The Staff and Students silently and joyfully wished them blessings on their endeavours.

The following students have been elected school Captains and Vice Captains for the academic year 2014-15.

  1. Captains

  2. St. Andrew’s House

    Derick Saldanha

  3. St. David’s House

    Sherwin D’Souza

  4. St. George’s House

    Srivalsan S

  5. St. Patrick’s House

    Vineet Braganza

  1. Vice Captains

  2. Augustine

  3. Dylan Felix

  4. Sahil Lobo

  5. Alistair Gabriel

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