Basic Life Support (BLS) Seminar and Training

Saving Lives, Literally

To ensure a future generation that is empowered and ready to act promptly in critical situations, a Basic Life Support (BLS) training session was conducted at St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School. This session was led by Dr Rekha Chengatraj and her team. It educated us students firstly, on how to identify an emergency, specifically a cardiac arrest, and secondly, how to provide basic support and aid to the person in this unfortunate circumstance.

We were instructed on the precise steps that need to be followed while performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Dr Rekha demonstrated the correct hand placement for CPR, compression depth, and rate (which is about 100 compressions per minute).

Students were also introduced to Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices and taught how to operate them effectively. During the presentation, we learned how to attach the AED pads and follow the device's instructions. Following the demonstrations, we were required to practice CPR techniques on training mannequins under the supervision of the instructors.

This activity ensured we students gained a strong understanding of CPR, AED usage, and choking intervention techniques. It is a crucial step in building a safer school environment and assuring we take prompt action during a situation demanding sharp, well-prepared individuals.

By Shanaia D’Silva
12 A

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