Commerce Fest Brings New Energy

Bifrost - 2017

Bifrost 2017 is our school’s Commerce Fest. A total of 130 institutions participated in this two-day event. There were an additional 13 individual participants, taking the total to 143 participants. We had six events in total at Bifrost 2017. The judges were extremely happy with the participants’ performance and by the pragmatism and passion shown by them. They truly embodied the spirit of Bifrost, constantly tackling problems, opening new avenues to learn and forging new weapons to succeed. We were thrilled to have Mr. George Ollapally, Old Boy as Chief Guest for the closing ceremony.

The journey of Bifrost at has been an eye opener and introduced us students to the challenging, yet satisfying world of organizing and carrying through this unique fest. A lot of the credit for this goes to our encouraging seniors and supportive faculty, especially Mr. Zubair Pradhan. This fest was graciously sponsored by Gold Winner Sunflower Oils and Bakko footwear.

In Norse mythology, the Bifrost is a rainbow bridge that serves as the only permanent connection between all the worlds. The reason this fest was titled ‘Bifrost’ is because we, as commerce students believe it is our duty to connect all parts of our world using commerce as our tool. We, the future of our world, need to be the bridge that connects producer to consumer, that connects the government and the public, and most importantly, that connects the rich and the poor and reduces the gap between the two..

Best Manager
A manager is the nucleus around which the company functions. He / She must be creative but realistic, must keep things in control but not dominate and defend the company without offending others. This is exactly what the students competing for the Best Manager title had to keep in mind. They were tested on various aspects of commerce and personality, ranging from stress handling to quick thinking, from theoretical aspects to practical ones, from defending the company to starting a new business. The students tackled each crisis that was thrown at them in a practical manner with respect for their fellow participants and following the rules that were specified before each round.

Every round was close and competitors answered rebuttals accurately. One of the judges was pleased with the fact that they were aware of so many concepts. The Mock Stock started off cautiously, was negotiated to their very best and the final judgement was close.

Human Resources
Human Resources isn't just about hiring and firing. It's about the people that make up the heart of an organization. This commerce fest saw some of the best contestants Bangalore has ever seen. They outdid themselves in every round that was thrown at them. The rounds were complex, intriguing and provocative. The contestants shone as the best recruiters, acing diplomacy and thinking on their feet. They were made to work in teams and then were up against each other. Unanticipated twists in the rounds did not seem to slow any of them down. They handled the stress and came back stronger in each round. They broke down only to come together bigger and better. Everyone worked to their best and three outstanding students managed to win laurels.

Public Relations
Public relations can make or break a company's image. With this imprinted in their heads, the participants used each and every weapon in their power to diffuse the devastating crisis thrown at them, round after round. Whether it was against the press or against their own company's Human Resources, the participants put up a great defense. From handling celebrity beefs to making their own press kits, the tremendous response made sure the tempo never went down even a notch.

Group Event
In today's business world, cooperation and coordination is the norm. To provide a more hands-on approach to the diverse demands of the commerce world, we at Bifrost decided to introduce the Group Event that would test the participants in all aspects of commerce and in all forms - written, oral and mental. After days of meticulous planning and research, we designed three rounds to ensure that our participants would need to satisfy their own duties as representatives, but still have the responsibility of all the departments hanging over them. Finally, as this glorious two day battle ended between the competitors, four emerged winners with the others not far behind.
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