World Environment Day

Beat Plastic Pollution

The programme on June 5, 2023, commenced with the hosting of the school flag and a captivating introduction wherein the students spoke about the importance of the five elements of nature: fire, water, wind, Earth and Space. The theme for World environment Day 2023 is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and at SJBHS this theme is highlighted ever so often for the past many years, so that its stakeholders can do their bit for our common home!

The symbolic lamp was lit by the Chief Guest Mr. S. Vishwanath – a man on a mission to restore Mother Earth in every way that he can. Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, Principal; Mr. Brian McKertish, Vice Principal; and Fr. Vishal D’Souza SJ, Primary School Administrator escorted Mr. Vishwanath, a reiteration of their commitment to help heal the Earth.

Students then recited small prayers of devotion to nature’s five elements. Fr Sunil was welcomed on stage to enlighten the gathering with his inspiring words on the importance of being pillars of protection, care and concern so as to ensure a brighter, cleaner and greener Mother Earth. He re-affirmed our role as global citizens and people who should be in harmony with the cosmos.

An enthralling skit was performed by the ISC students focusing on the sorrows of Nature caused by the carelessness of mankind. The students then recited Henry Cuyler Bunner’s ‘Heart of a Tree’ poem based on the same sentiment.

Urban planner, and environmental activist Mr. Vishwanath of many achievements, was then invited on stage to enlighten the staff and students. His emphasis was on the importance of plastic ban and eco-spirituality. He shared the key lessons he learned in his 36 + years of critical activism. He shared two experiences about the impact of poverty on the environment. The Chief Guest continued to speak about how each one contributes to environmental pollution. Using an experience of a farmer who introduced wastewater collected in small pits back into circulation only to nurture the livelihood of the Mulberry tree farmers, conveyed the importance of sewage treatment plants. He also spoke about Jakkur lake and its revival from waste to wealth. In a short but simple manner, Mr. Vishwanath had brought the audience to re-think how ecology, environment and livelihood are intricately connected to each other, regenerating biodiversity.

The celebration was concluded by a vote of thanks following which the Chief Guest and other dignitaries planted a sapling to honor Mother Earth.

Shania D’Silva, 12 A