Growing Microgreens

The new academic calendar 2021-2022 for Std 4 commenced with a workshop - part of the ‘Go – Green’ initiative. It was titled ‘Growing Microgreens’.
With the advent of the pandemic a lot of emphasis is continuously being given to lead a very cautious and healthy life and nothing could have been more apt than this session that was meticulously arranged by our teachers, PTA members and the esteemed resource person.
Mrs. Nayana Hanji – our resource person and a gardening enthusiast who supports the principle of ‘growing your food’ was the key person who had an enjoyable and interactive session with the students. All the attendees were familiarized with the benefits and accessibility of healthy options that can be availed within the comforts of their home. A comprehensive demonstration of the methodology of growing microgreens to viewing the final result of healthy sprouts enthralled our promising enthusiasts. The young Josephites were more than eager to garner more details about microgreens as a healthy alternative in their daily diet.

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