Webinar on Positive Attitude and Peer Pressure

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds

‘It is not what happens to you that matters. It’s how you respond to what happens to you that makes a difference.’ Zig Ziglar

The management of SJBHS is determined to not let the pandemic come in the way of educating and informing its family on how to cope with the times. So on 22 December, 2020, a webinar on ‘Positive Attitude and Peer Pressure’ was held to help students as they deal with an indeterminate number of days out of school and the complications that parents foresee as their wards continue to be home bound.

The webinar began with a prayer asking for God’s immense blessings on the school, the students, the parents and the staff. This was followed by the Welcome Address delivered by our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ. The Principal compared our attitudes to a swing that moves up and down, back and forth. Keeping a positive attitude in spite of all the vagaries of life can help retain our balance. Fr Sunil compared a student’s feeling of peer pressure to a see-saw – juggling between the pressure from parents and peers!

The resource person, Mrs. Jaicy George acknowledged the hardships of these unprecedented times but promised that if we lean on each other we can sail through – provided we are grateful, thankful and feel blessed. Attitude is also a decision. So in order to always remain positive we need to have good thoughts which will translate into good words, good feelings and good actions. After listing a number of ways to remain positive, the resource person gave the audience seven rules to stay motivated.

Mrs. George then moved on to illustrate the meaning of ‘Peer Pressure’. She elaborated on positive peer pressure which is good; and negative peer pressure which is more prevalent and can have adverse repercussions, especially on young students.

Feelings of hopelessness, of desperation and futility now find a solution in a positive attitude.

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