Staff Twinning Programme to Manvi

A Learning for All

St Joseph’s Boys High School staff trip to Manvi was arranged on 13, 14 and 15 October 2022. Two special educators and three Pre-Primary school teachers visited the schools in Manvi as a part of the twinning initiative of the school. The state-board school in the Loyola campus at Manvi was the first destination for the visiting staff.

Our very first visit to Manvi was indeed an eye opener. The school caters to an ethnically diverse community. Students are mostly bilingual and try to use English for communication in the school. The students are provided bilingual classes to make the teaching learning process more effective. The visiting teachers observed classes from 1 to 4 and interacted with the students and teachers of the primary section in the morning. They gave tips in classroom management and subject know-how to the teachers of the primary section. In the afternoon, the special educators conducted a teacher training program for the entire staff of the state board school and a few representatives from the college. The workshop was on learning difficulties, identification and strategies to help the child with difficulties and some study skills that could be used to help the students in need. The session was interactive and effective with positive feedback from the attendees.

The visitors spent the first half of day 2, at Xavier School. The teachers went to the Pre- Primary and Primary classes. The general observation was that the students were well disciplined and eager to quench their thirst for knowledge. Being amidst them was quite overwhelming. The SJBHS pre-primary teachers conducted different activities according to the age group. The students were enthusiastic and participated well in the activities done. The special educators conducted a workshop for the teachers of the CBSE school from 9:30 till 11:30. Case studies were discussed with the teachers which gave them better insight into the issues and coping strategies.

The second half of the second day was spent interacting with the middle school and high school students! The teachers gave insights about the different cultures in Manvi. One the special educators visited the classroom and conducted classroom session for Std 8 students on mnemonic techniques. One of the special educators met and counselled students referred to her by the school.

The students and teachers were filled with joy and happiness as they had a fruitful interaction with the pre-primary teachers and the special educators. The trip had come to an end but the experience was inspiring and enriching.

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