Transcendence 2022

Sixth Edition is a Big Hit

The 23rd and 24th of June saw many celebrations.

Although Transcendence 2022 started off on a rather gloomy Thursday morning, the weather was forgotten in the hustle and bustle of last-minute preparations.
The opening ceremony began with a solemn prayer, followed by beautiful dance and song renditions. The auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony was performed by the dignitaries, following which the chief guest of the day, Physicist Dr Sumati Surya delivered an eye-opening speech about science and the environmental aspects of it. The trailer of the fest was unveiled which received a loud round of applause from the spectators. The fest was declared open by Fr Principal Sunil Fernandes.
The events were managed with team work and leadership and the 876 participants made the 6th edition of Transcendence a spectacular success.
Arbitrium was an event for everyone who enjoys the best of both worlds - business and science. The participants got through the hurdles present in this event, combining both rationality and intelligence! Biology is an amazing science- a reservoir of knowledge waiting to be explored with many secrets to unlock. Viventum was an event which truly brought out the mysteries of this science and it challenged participants to bank on their knowledge and instincts.
Gaming was an event for all the gamers of our age- a modern twist added to an all-round science fest in order to allow many students to showcase their skills. The collaborative efforts of the event heads allowed this event to be a great success!
As an event, the aim of Electriphy was to allow students to unleash their inner genius and exhibit their knowledge of this subject.
Techodicon allowed everyone to show their creativity in the form of code. Having the urge to innovate and create was the key to excelling in this event and every participant did so!
Efimerida brought out the writer in everyone, allowing them to show how they could take information and organise it in a manner comprehensible by everyone. Truly, it was an event of organised gossip!
Cosmicon promised to bring infinity to the participants and indeed with each round, it allowed them to unleash their knowledge on the subject of astrophysics and science fiction!
Tacticus enabled every budding entrepreneur to dive into their prowess and compete with others to be the best. This event encouraged imagination and originality and our participants certainly did not disappoint! Psych-OH encouraged participants to use their analytical and deduction skills in order to get through each round. As a psychology event, the participants had no problems in navigating the complexities of the mind! 221B was an event shrouded in mystery and wonder, with every participant exhibiting great enthusiasm and excitement to solve the puzzles presented to them.
Cynasure encapsulated science as we love it, from geology to biology. It aimed at increasing the love and admiration an individual could harbour for different fields of science.
The closing ceremony began with a soulful prayer and was followed by a semi-classical dance performance by the ISC girls. An after-video encapsulated the two days and highlighted the different events.
One of the fest coordinators delivered an emotion-packed speech on his experiences with organising Transcendence after which, the chief guest Mr. V Vasudevan delivered a speech enlightening the audience on ‘robotic surgery ecosystems in hospitals’.
All fests are collaborative efforts and the vote of thanks was delivered with great enthusiasm and fervour to thank each and every participant, as well as anyone who contributed to any aspect of the fest. The fest culminated in the prize distribution ceremony awarding Christ Junior College as the overall winner of Transcendence 2022.

By Eeshika Suresh and Riyah Arshad
ISC 2022