Staff Orientation Programme

A New Academic Year Rolls Around

We held our annual Staff orientation programme on 29 and 30 May, 2023. The holidays had come to an end and the teachers of SJBHS were all set to begin the new academic year. The transition from one year to the next brings with it new challenges, new dimensions of change accompanied by novel innovations. The staff orientation programme is a bridge that strengthens the transition, year after year.

The two-day orientation commenced with a meaningful prayer and prayer song after which the in-house life skills expert, Ms. Odella John, took centre stage. Her three-part session on 29 May, 2023 encompassed topics such as ‘Empathy – A Pivotal Pre-requisite in the Teaching-Learning Process; Habits of Highly Effective People; and Self-Love is not Selfishness.’ The 90:10 principle; the analogy of the iceberg for a comparison of character and personality ethics; the circle of influence with respect to the circle of concern; as well as the habits to be cultivated in order to be effective were beautifully highlighted by Ms. John. Her examples and stories interspersed between quotes and video presentations drew heavily from the theories as put forth by educator and erudite speaker, Stephen Covey. The sessions were rejuvenating, well-presented and brought the staff to speed with the expected skills that were needed for the students of today.

The three-part session on 30 May, 2023 had multiple resource persons addressing the staff. The day commenced with the in-house speaker, Ms. Gowri Mirlay Achanta, re-visiting the scientific tool used to find out the class climate, namely, the sociogram. A step-wise breakdown of the procedure, the actual sociogram and the interpretation of the results as well as the benefits and limitations were dealt, with in clear and precise detail.

The mid-morning session focused on the counselling team of SJBHS. Their main theme circled around stress and the added pressures of today’s complex world, stress management and stress busters. Ms. Shanida, Ms. Lydia and Mr. Suvish threw more light on the personal and professional types of stress and a focus on what is in our control and what is not. The staff should take corrective measures to change and adjust the parameters which can be controlled for a stress-free life. A few pointers were given about masculine and feminine energy and a balance between the two. The mid-morning session what crucial to the staff as they were entering a new academic year. The unknown has its fears which need to be dealt with calmly!

The afternoon session belonged to Dr Meenakshi K S, a yoga practitioner and a health expert. Her focus was on the ‘Seven pillars of Health,’ namely – eat, move, sleep, think, soothe, connect and detox. Through yoga exercises, meditation techniques and presentations, Dr. Meenakshi was able to garner interest among the teachers about their well-being, both mental and physical.

The two-day staff orientation was packed with a little of everything needed to begin and continue the academic year cheerfully, energetically and enthusiastically!

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