St. George’s House

The patron saint of England, his emblem is a red cross on a white background. It is also part of the flag of Great Britain – the Union Jack. Although patron saint of England, St George was born in Turkey in the 3rd century.

St George is often depicted with a lance fighting a dragon. Of course this is unlikely to have ever happened. However, it could be symbolic as St George was a Christian martyr and in a way did fight a dragon otherwise known as ‘the Beast’ or Satan. He was a Roman soldier, famous for his bravery in battle. Despite serving under a Pagan emperor, St George held firm to his Christian faith. In fact, he protested against the persecution of Christians by the Romans. For this he was tortured and killed, dying as a martyr for Christ.

St George’s day, England’s national day, is celebrated in the form of parades often featuring a mock St George and the dragon.