St. David’s House

The patron saint of Wales, St David was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop who lived in the 6th century. He was a well known preacher in Wales where he spread the gospel of Christ. His name is ‘Dewi Sant’ in the traditional Welsh Gaelic language.

The most famous miracle that is said to have occurred during his life was when he was preaching to a large crowd, those at the back complained of not hearing him. The ground is said to have risen up under Saint David allowing them a better view. At this time it is said a white dove was seen settling on his shoulder, a symbol of god’s grace and blessing.

He is believed to have lived around 100 years, and angles were said to be present at his death. The national emblems of Wales are daffodils or leeks, worn on St David’s day. The symbol of leeks originated from the eve of a great battle with the Saxons when the Welsh were advised by St David to wear leeks in their caps to identify one another.

St David’s day is celebrated with parades, Celtic music and the Welsh symbol of the red dragon.