Safe and Unsafe Touch

Learning Boundaries

With an aim to teach children about Safe and Unsafe touch – an awareness programme for the pre-primary students was held on September 15, 2023.

This was done to help them develop healthy relationships and understand their boundaries. The programme was conducted by the teachers of the Pre-Primary department who always go the extra mile to give their best in whatever they do.

To demonstrate the difference between good touch and bad touch, the teachers enacted the different touches which make us feel good as well as bad .The enactment of the touches along with the narration gave a detailed knowledge to the little boys and made them aware of what touch is right and safe and what to do when the touch seems to be uncomfortable and unsafe.

To make things more clear the students were also taught about the ‘Swim Suit rule’ with the help of a PPT .Furthermore, to make the children sensitive about other’s body and feelings, the students of UKG presented a small demonstration about an imaginary personal balloon which everyone has around them and how it gets popped .The session was quite an informative and interactive one with each one paying attention to every single thing that was explained to them.

The session received great appreciation by our Principal, Primary school Administrator, Vice Principal and our Coordinator who have always been our pillars of strength!