Grameena Utsava

A Celebration of Rural Life in SJBHS

We inhabit a ‘Global Village’ which is very different from an actual village, and to bring that home, SJBHS kicked off its first ever Grameena Utsava’ on 20th December, 2019.

The colourful costumes, the bullocks, the dancers and the aroma of sumptuous delicacies pleased the senses while the excited talk of the onlookers, the old world charm of the rural setting and the rhythmic beat of the rustic drums reverberated through the grounds of SJBHS.

The first of its kind - Grameena Utsava - was inaugurated by a distinguished line-up of dignitaries – Rector of Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society, Rev Fr. Brian Pereira SJ; MLA from Shanthinagar Constituency, Mr. Harris and Padmashri Salumarada Thimakka. They were accompanied by the Principal Fr. Sunil Fernandes SJ, Vice Principal Mr. Uday Kumar and members of the PTA of St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School. The dignitaries were welcomed with a traditional dance performance and felicitated. Rector stressed the importance of culture, tradition and literature of Karnataka as part of the Josephite education in Bangalore. The inaugural ceremony culminated in a bullock ride for the dignitaries.

From the invigorating dance of Dollu Kunita to the Hulivesha, from the Yakshagana to Keel Kudre, Kamsale and Veeragas; the Josephites got a glimpse of the varied dance forms and rich heritage of the State.

For the elders, it was a walk down memory lane but for the youngsters the rural games on display were fascinating. Simple, non electronic rural games – Buguri (top spinning), Goli (marbles), Gilli Danda, Chatara Billu (catapult), Cycle Tyre Racing, Coconut Palm Skating, Pagade, Skipping, Kunte Bille (hip hop), skating on coconut palm, breaking of the mud pot and Ane Kallu – brought unparalleled joy to city folk. The logistics of the game are catered to by nature but the rules for each game involve a set framework which is taken very seriously among the village champions.

The hamlet dwellers also brought to the city a plethora of rural craftsmanship. The intricacies of coconut palm art, Rangoli, pottery and flower knitting were showcased. Long forgotten ways of pounding and grinding Ragi, churning of butter milk and milking the cow were demonstrated. In the midst of all the activity in the stalls, stood the country style Giant Wheel, the Merry-go-round and the Mechanical Bull.

The thatch-roofed stalls housed an array of delicacies ranging from the traditional Ragi Mudde to the various rice preparations which are native to the villages of Karnataka. The sweet and the savory dishes appeased the palate of even the most fastidious of visitors while the aroma of the gourmet feasts paid homage to the food Gods!

‘Grameena Utsava’ will remain in the mind’s inner eye for the magnificent colours, the spectrum of events, the unrestrained delight of a day off from city life!

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