Personality Development

Retreat for students of Stds 9 and 11

On the 30th of June, the non-Christian students of Stds 9 and 11 had the pleasure of taking a day off from regular school to delve on another aspect of re-defining the self, viz Personality Development.

The resource person Ms Rini Jacobs, a child therapist, was an inspiration to us all. She guided us in examining ourselves and reflecting on our thoughts and emotions. We approached topics relevant to our day-to-day life, accompanied by several activities, which challenged us to look deeper and made the session interactive and engaging. We left the session with renewed self-confidence and realized how imperative it is to acknowledge our flaws and strengths and to work toward building our self-esteem one day at a time.

The other resource person was Mr Kevin Simon, a counsellor, whose words resonated with us all. He prompted us to think about who we are as individuals. His session involved intriguing and interactive activities that kept us involved. We dealt with matters related to our body image and self- identity. As a result of his session, we realized the importance of having one’s own identity and were determined to work on a better version of ourselves.

A Christian retreat was organized for the Catholic students of Stds 9 and 11, simultaneously, providing them with a meaningful spiritual experience.

The retreat was led by two esteemed Carmelite preachers, Fr. Richard Menezes and Fr. Reevan Cutinha. Fr. Richard commenced the retreat by invoking the Holy Spirit and setting a joyful tone with an uplifting action song called 'Yes Lord.' He proceeded to deliver an insightful talk about the diverse type of people one encounters, emphasizing the significance of diligence and hard work in discovering a deeper connection with God.

After a refreshing break, it was Fr. Reevan's turn to engage the students, teaching them an engaging action song titled 'The Kingdom of God.' He then delved into the profound concept of love, shedding light on God's boundless love and providing guidance on how to attain it. Fr. Richard later captivated the students' attention with a thought-provoking parable about a pencil, drawing meaningful lessons from it. The day continued with a solemn Mass, providing an opportunity for prayer and reflection. The retreat concluded with a session of Eucharistic adoration, allowing the students to deepen their connection with the divine presence.

Due to today’s sessions, we could view our problems through a different lens. We felt empowered and ready to face life's challenges. We were extremely grateful for this invaluable experience and the chance to reflect and learn.

Alex Tom Joby, XI A
Sugandha Gupta, XI A

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