Personality Development/Retreat for Students of Std X

Catalyst for a Better Life

The school recently organized a personality development session in the A.V. hall for the non- Christian students, with the aim of enlightening and empowering students on 16 and 17 June 2023. Under the guidance of Mrs. Odella John, this session proved to be a remarkable source of inspiration and motivation, while offering invaluable insights.

The session commenced with an engaging icebreaker, followed by an exploration of essential topics crucial to a students’ personal growth. Topics such as optimism, generosity, gratitude, and familial values were highlighted. Students were subjected to the ideal topics of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love. The Personality Development sessions were energetic and filled with enthusiasm. They were interactive, encouraging, and saw active participation from the students.

A Retreat for the Catholic students was organized at Ashirwad, the Jesuit Centre at St Mark’s Road, Bengaluru. The Ashirwad Team under Fr Arun, told the students about the different types of love, the negative aspects of bullying, and the pros and cons of social media. Each day ended with the Holy Mass. The sacrament of reconciliation was also a part of the Retreat.

The inclusion of thought-provoking videos showcased the moral values that are essential in our contemporary world. The interactive nature of the session made it particularly appealing as it allowed a deeper understanding of morals from different perspectives. Overall, this personality development /retreat session provided the students with valuable tools and knowledge to become better versions of themselves.

The sessions provided the students with innumerable insights that they can incorporate into their daily lives. They serve as a catalyst for personal growth and development, propelling them forward in the journey of life.

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