Personality Development

Retreat for Stds 7 & 8

On the bright pleasant morning of 28th June, the non-Christian students of Stds 7 and 8 took a break from their books to focus on something more important – personality development. Our personality is a sum total of many things: how we dress, our manners, our behaviour towards others and much more.

However, it all depends on how good we are at heart. The Vice Principal of SJBHS, Mr Brian McKertish, was the resource person for the personality development session. The young minds learnt the different ways in which people often react to difficult situations using a beaker, pebble, cotton, sugar and ink metaphorically. Another enriching topic was that of the four windows of life and helped in identifying the ideal ways to deal with any situation.

The other resource person, Ms Rini Jacob is a practicing psychologist and behaviour therapist. Her focus was on the uniqueness of every individual. She specified the importance of inner critic and inner coach. She was able to urge the students to try to improve their self- image. The session was fun and interactive.

The Catholic students of Stds 7 and 8 participated in a retreat held on 28 June, 2023. The speakers for the day were three Carmelite priests, Fr Richard Menezes, Superior of Carmel Niketan, Gedalahalli accompanied by Fr Jason Tellis, and Fr Arun Bennis.

As a part of the retreat, a similar comparison exercise was conducted, utilizing the examples of water, stone, cotton and mud. This activity aimed to deepen students understanding of individual differences and encourage empathy. Another key aspect of the retreat focused on recognizing and appreciating the weaknesses of the others while encouraging them to be better individuals. The retreat culminated with a meaningful and spiritual conclusion, as the students came together for a reverent mass and time of adoration.

The personality development session and retreat for Std. 7&8 provided students an opportunity to come together, build connections and embark on a journey of self reflection. Through action songs, the sessions ensured a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. It successfully achieved its goal of promoting personal growth and fostering unity among all.

A fresh beginning of a new academic year gave the students an opportunity to reflect on their lives and transform it. The resource persons shared their deep knowledge and insights which was thoroughly enjoyed by the young Josephites of Std 7 and 8.

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