Paying Tribute

Special Kannada and Hindi Assembly

On the 8th of November, the SJBHS Primary School Hindi Unit presented a well-rehearsed and informative assembly on the principles and ideals of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru with a mellifluous rendition in our national language. The young minds were given an opportunity to share the thoughts and hopes of Pandit Nehru towards the betterment of the future generations of independent India. As a prelude to children's day, the significance of celebrating 14th November and the essence in our lives were beautifully depicted through the special Assembly.

On 22nd of November, the SJBHS Primary School Kannada Unit presented an informative assembly as a tribute to our Motherland, Karnataka. The programme included information on the demography, language, culture and literature of the State. The little Josephites sang a few Kannada songs which captured the hearts of the audience. Dressed in their finest attire, the students also portrayed the traditional folk dances of Karnataka. The rich, vibrant and vivacious folk art brought to the fore the heritage of the land. It will be a long while before the audience forgets this stage performance!