ISC Outreach Programme

Learning About and From Others

Students of Class 12 visited the Jesuit institutions in Manvi, Raichur. Starting off on the eve of December 14, 2023 with Fr Vishal D’Souza, students and teachers enjoyed a long road trip to Manvi. Upon reaching the institution at dawn, they freshened up and had a delectable breakfast, following which they attended an informative Orientation by Father Don Prem. They were divided into 5 groups and assigned specific tasks. They then headed to a pre-primary school at Yeddaldoddi, accompanied by Father and a German couple, Anna and Victor. The students recited a few poems and played several fun games.

The students then proceeded to visit a Kapepaladi boarding school at Pannur. They distributed packs of juice and chocolates among the students there and engaged in interactive exchanges with them.

In spite of innumerable difficulties and the dire circumstances they lived in, many aspired to become doctors, collectors and IPS officers. After playing cricket with them, the students reluctantly left to proceed further. Next they visited a Roti Kendra at a village in Pannur which had a solar powered roti making machine and supported the micro economy by making different kinds of roti from millets.

Following this they visited the Loyola Health Centre at Pannur. It was the only hospital in a radius of about 80 kilometres and the most shocking fact was that it did not have a permanent doctor. It was solely managed by 5 nurses and a lab technician. Upon communicating with the sisters there, they reported that they faced several troubles due to their isolation and the absence of a doctor. Every time they were unable to treat a patient, he or she had to be transferred to Manvi.

They also said that there were many cases of maternal mortality and child death mostly due to lack of nutrition during the pregnancy. Another major issue was early pregnancies even of girls as young as fourteen years. Suggesting many solutions, the students then returned to their lodging and after enjoying a delicious meal engaged in evaluation of their observations and learnings from the day’s experiences actively sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Next morning the students were addressed by Father Maxime, the founding Father of the institution in Manvi and Pannur. His inspiring and motivational words resonated in their minds. Then they went on a short tour around the campus, visiting the CBSE school. They later proceeded to a government school where they distributed pencils and sharpeners after addressing the kids. They played enthralling games like coco, kabaddi and throw ball with the kids. Their acceptance, agility and unmatched sportsmanship was just inspirational.

The students proceeded to a village with a self-sustained jute micro industry, after lunch, learning much about the cotton cultivation and lack of amenities and industries in the vicinity. They interacted with the villagers and even met members of the Lambani village, dressed in their traditional style with numerous mirrors. The trip helped them learn about other realities.

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