Orientation Programme

Welcoming the Parents of LKG

The Orientation Programme for the parents of LKG was held on 21 st July 2023 with Dr. Debmita Dutta, MBBS, MD, as the resource person. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by an Inter-Religious Prayer Service and a mesmerising Invocation dance by the students of Std. 1 who gave us the beautiful message of the gift of life given to us by God.

Our Primary School Administrator, Fr Vishal D’Souza heartily welcomed the gathering and expressed his gratitude to the parents for taking time out to attend the Orientation Programme. Fr Vishal emphasised on the quote rightly said by John Dewey “Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.” The child at SJBHS is not only given the opportunity to be academically good but also to be compassionate, kind and committed. Our Vice Principal, Mr Brian Mckertish also reiterated the fact that SJBHS, being at the forefront of education in the country, works on the overall development of every child or in other words ‘caring for the whole individual.’

The session then proceeded with welcoming the guest speaker, Dr Debmita Dutta, MBBS, MD, who gave mindful insights on how to help children become successful in life with inculcation of components like courage, confidence, self-care, unconditional love to name a few. Her belief that ‘a child is like a sapling and parents are like air and sunshine to the child’ received overwhelming applause from the parents. The need to keep children away from gadgets was another important tip given by the resource person.

Apart from giving good tips on parenting, Dr Debmita Dutta also spoke about eating healthy, having a good amount of sleep, toilet training and having a peaceful and happy environment in order to help the child focus and learn. Also, giving time for free play, addressing the child’s curiosity, spending time with the child and giving unconditional love were some of the vital tips that the parents were given for the overall development of the child.

The programme ended with a Q&A session. Furthermore, the Pre-Primary Coordinator, Ms. Nichelle Pinto gave a detailed insight on the pattern of the curriculum followed at SJBHS and how it is in accordance with the Jesuit principle of ‘Cura Personalis’.The session was brought to an end by expressing gratitude to the resource person, the parents, the Principal, the Primary School Administrator, the Vice Principal, the staff, the support and the tech team for ensuring that the programme was a successful and fruitful one!

The parents of the new entrants to SJBHS were highly enamoured with what they had heard about Jesuit education; what they could expect as their wards grew and developed in the school; and what they could now consider as a right decision in choosing a school that would form and mould their children into well – balanced citizens of tomorrow.