National Level Webinar

Nutrition, Fitness & Mental Health: Striking a Balance

The SJBHS Department of Physical Education in collaboration with the Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI) Karnataka chapter hosted a webinar on 7 November 2020.

Many speakers shared their knowledge on nutrition, fitness and mental health.

The webinar began with a prayer calling on the Almighty to alleviate the sufferings of humanity, especially in the times of the pandemic. The inaugural address by our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ brought to the fore the need for healthy food, peace of mind, a robust immune system and most of all the physical wellness of the body. Fr Sunil thanked the eminent speakers on the panel for bringing their expertise to the public forum.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Anup Sridhar, Old Boy and former Olympian representing the Badminton fraternity of the country. His only mantra for fitness was: simple exercises done repetitively till it becomes a habit. Mr. Sridhar advised the audience against setting unrealistic goals as these only lead to disappointment. Besides exercise, a regular pattern of sleep goes a long way in a person’s wellness make-up.

Another keynote address was delivered by Mr. Sujit Somasunder, member of BCCI and former Ranji Trophy Cricketer, focused mainly on emotional hygiene. He asked the onlookers to take care of the brain as much as the body. Being empathetic, replacing negative thoughts with positive talk and appreciating others as well as ourselves at all times can lead to a well-balanced personality.

Resource person Dr Madhuri P Sadgir, Assistant Professor, Department of PE and Sports, University of Mumbai as well as a former National Volleyball Player said the focus was on restoring the balance in life which may have become unhinged due to the pandemic. Dr Madhuri asked the audience to search for adaptable solutions to nutritional, fitness and mental health issues; create a justifiable action plan for the same and check if it is sustainable. Through slide presentations and videos, she put forth simple home exercises to tide over the lack of outdoor sports and games as well as included a few home therapies to stay happy yet connected.

Ms Shiny Surendran, holding a graduate diploma in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee, spoke exclusively on the need for a well balanced diet which sources locally grown produce. From breakfast to dinner, she dealt with the possible food choices - asking the youth not to follow fancy diet regimes or gorge on junk food.

The Valedictory Address by Mr. Srikanth R, Secretary PEFI Karnataka, collated the views of the speakers and expressed gratitude to the management at SJBHS.

The message on the need for fitness; the advice on the requirements of a balanced diet; and the guidance on the necessity of doing our utmost to preserve mental health will definitely find its way in our day to day journey.

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