Namma Infinity 2020

A festival of Arts & Sciences

At Namma Infinity 2020 – the middle school fest held from 23 October – 20 November 2020, our students went on an enjoyable virtual journey into the world of creativity, imaginative thinking and resourcefulness.

The events covered both the arts and the sciences. The many categories of competition included the following:
• Science and Mathematics
• Computer Science and Technology (e-posters, logo designing, coding and game development)
• Ninja Skills (fantasy building, fruit and vegetable carving, table setting and healthy plate)
• Art and Craft (pencil shading, drawing and colouring, illusion line art, doodle art, collage, quilling)

The events were announced, deadlines set and the rules were laid down for the students of Std 5& 6, to enable them to decide on their strengths and choose from their favourite topics. The excitement was palpable as the announcements were made.

Talent, precision, creativity, perseverance and ingenuity were reflected in every entry. Wholehearted participation and out-of-the-box thinking reiterated the fact that these young Josephites are eager to learn and be challenged.

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