Parenting Sessions

Lockdown Learnings

Parents are also coping with the change of academic routine. To help them with this new normal, the management of SJBHS had a series of Parenting Sessions for the parents of the high school students, in six batches - pertaining to the different classes. The sessions were conducted by the school counsellors and moderated by Mrs Gowri Achanta, our senior and experienced high school teacher. She addressed academic queries and gave practical tips to enhance learning outcomes.

A myriad of age-specific topics were dealt with ranging from the challenges during Covid-19 pandemic, stress and socio emotional needs. How to foster a sense of security, a healthy routine, positivity and creativity were also discussed.

Parents were encouraged to incorporate self-care practices such as meditation, gratitude and forgiveness. The parents were asked to embrace the challenges with an open mind and a positive attitude. They should consider the period of lockdowns as a break from the hustle and bustle of life and adopt a routine of family bonding time, teaching their wards how to be healthy and hygienic, finding new hobbies as well as being grateful for the small things in life.

This attitude would hopefully be reflected in their children. Daily routines should include some form of physical activity to avoid lethargy. Another was to practice some form of writing on a day-to- day basis.

At the end of the session, parents felt that there was someone who understands their problems.

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