Literature Digital Fest

No Words to Stop Them!

‘The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.’ Jonathan Culver

Despite the pandemic, the much-awaited English Literature Fest also took place as usual, albeit on an online platform. The fest was held over a duration of two months. Organized by the Class 7&8 English teachers, the fest consisted of four events held under the individual and team category. Individual events were conducted on the online app ‘Flip grid’ whereas the team event was held live on MS teams. The events were as follows:
1. Verbatim and Ads Galore for Grade 7
2. Author’s Tale and Twisted Tales for Grade 8

All the events displayed and showcased the immense potential and limitless talents of the young Josephites. Needless to say, the judges did not have an easy time filtering through the entries. All the winners and participants were awarded e-certificates.

As a medium of communication at SJBHS, English is given much importance. Through the fest, the students were encouraged to sharpen their debating skills, refine their creativity and perfect their imagination as they put into practice the language that was already a part of their mental thought process.