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Artificial Intelligence; Role of Teachers in a Digital World

The world and all its people are running a race – a race to enter, exist and improve technology. The young come equipped with the know-how to be comfortable in the cyber world whereas the older generation is encouraged to become digital migrants. As if that were not enough, the new entry in the cyber realm is ‘artificial intelligence.’

Today, teachers can be challenged at every step. The role of the teacher needs involvement and adaptation to new methods. In the process, teachers have taken many training sessions and completed many courses to be equipped with modern technology; the concept of a digitalized classroom using software tools; and the need to include teaching aids to facilitate the process of modern education. The resource person for the session, presented to the staff, a glimpse into the world of AI and the role of the teachers in that space.

Fr Nithin Monteiro SJ emphasized AI for education management and delivery. This session held on 7 June 2023, was an eye opener as it gave insight into how teachers can be empowered by AI to enhance teaching. He also stressed on automation to reduce workload and use AI as a tool in the classroom.

Teachers gained knowledge on how AI will have an impact on learners which could deprive them of opportunities to cultivate their resourcefulness, self-regulation, critical thinking, meta cognition and other 21 st century skills that are key to developing the whole person.

Teachers were encouraged to nurture diversity and taking advantage of their many knowledge forms from indigenous local wisdom to techno scientific knowledge.

The session was helpful in urging teachers to become co-creators and shift from level thinking to system level thinking.

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